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12 December 2006



It's somewhat disheartening to know that unlike Zimbabwe, Nigeria has oil and will likely not receive the amount of international shame that passing such a law would incur. I also think that this is a way for the Nigerian politicians (much like politicians all over the world) to distract the people from the real problems that the country faces.

Depending on how zealously the law is applied, this might also prohibit any gay-created content (even if the content itself is not related to homsoexuality). Oh well, no roadshow for Dreamgirls in Lagos.


An estimated 130 million people live in Nigeria.
That means there are several million homosexual brothers and sisters living today under this oppression.
It is hard for Americans to imagine the kind of pressure...the psychological damage that happens when the government can sweep you away in the night, never to be seen or heard from again.
To never be able to love freely, or even secretly, under this threat of death.
My heart goes out to them - my brothers.


Wow didn't know that my country was so behind in this respect. Once again gross mismanagement has lead to a serious lack of focus. The country is seriously lacking in essential infrastructure and the south and north fail to reconcile their issues and unite as a country.

But when it comes to gays suddenly there is an organized movement towards legislation and enforced policy. Specially this one that is so horribly opressive.

5 years in a Nigerian Prison though ? I'd be suprised if the average inmate survives 6 months in one.

I remain strong that things will change ... one day , hopefully within my lifetime.

[Aside - Rod , I've been reading the blog since I was 17 absolutely love it! Thanks for all you've done.]


I've spent some time in Nigeria - I would have thought these new laws would be the least of their worries - how about a little infrastructure?!


I guess South Africa is fixin ta grow something big. Africans seem honestly ass backwards to me in alot of respects...I dunno..

taylor Siluwé

Fear of butt-fuckin' can unite even the most disparate people.

Let's not focus on the real reasons the country is broken, let's just bash fags.

When the Rabbis and Mullahs agree to join hands against our 'agenda', you know we're doing something right.

I heard a man say of the civil rights movement (paraphrasing) ... "We didn't have a plan. We didn't know what we were doing. It's like we'd just stomp around 'til somebody said 'ouch'. Then we'd focus our energy in that direction."

Hopefully this measure won't pass. Hopefully, all those millions of Nigerian homosexuals realize that if they stand up and stomp around in mass, they can win.

But there's gonna be violence. It's unavoidable, but worth it in the end.

Mad Professah

This is crazy!

Naija Dude!

I dont know how crazy it might be. I was dismayed and annoyed and disgusted when I read that.
In a country I called my own, in a country I hope to return to one day, in a country I used to think i am safe, in a country i thought I could identify with. Its disheartening, its sad......

I wrote a lil piece on this : http://naijahomo.blogspot.com/


Ha Ha. i love it!! they need to do the same thing in america. I hate gay people.


Just another reason to divest from Nigeria


Dear Readers,
Based on this happening in Nigeria, can gays there apply for asylum anywhere in the world?

P.S. Good luck my brothers and sisters in Nigeria, my thoughts and prayers are with you.


This anti-gay law thing, its just a distraction from the real issues facing nigeria. Its even funny, considering the fact that many nigerian leaders, even priest are gays. Former vice president, ATIKU ABUBAKAR was very notorious for his many gay affairs and still is. Ironic, right?


i ma a senpl guy how love meeting good gay guy all over the word

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