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29 December 2006



Should homophobic churches receive HIV/AIDS funding? My gut reaction is a definite no. Then, my disgust is moderated by the need of such aide in various black communities regardless of these self-rightious bigoted idiots like the good reverend. But, I can't help but wonder what else they may be offering with their HIV/AIDS healthcare and prevention (e.g. biased and prejudiced anti-gay sermons).

Jay Prince

I cannot believe that Rev. Willie Wilson, of all people, is getting money for HIV prevention. Listening to that sermon, it's obvious that he feels like it's our fault if we become positive.


My first reaction is also disgust. However, Rev. Willie Wislon is still a reverend, a man of God, and there must be compassion in his heart. I'm sure the AIDS ministry caters toward women and children, as many church HIV programs do.

We might not like the messenger, but, if he helps just a handfrul of people from becoming infected or spreading it, then he has accomplished his job.


"However, Rev. Willie Wilson is still a reverend, a man of God, and there must be compassion in his heart."

even the bible says you judge a tree by its fruits. having the title of reverend or pastoring a church isnt enough to make a person a Man of God


I have to wonder about this...For someone who holds such malice towards gays, could it also be possible that the funding he receives just may not be distributed properly, if even at all ? If he truly feels this way then (which he does) then I could not think that that money goes into helping anyone other then himself except his. These folks who talk like this you come to learn are very self absorbed and insecure folks themselves..Too much shade for me.


Nope, NOT one penny of the taxpayers money, even in this case. First because they are no more than bigots in the pulpit, and second, most of the money is going into thier own pockets anyway, since everyone of them is nothing but a shyster. They need to check themselves and not deal with anything gay related and tax dollars in the bank, kind of like how the Catholic church has done it in San Franciso.

Mel Smith

Beware of false prophets or 'wolves in sheeps clothing.' Everyone is not a real Christian. What about ministers who were arrested for stealing money from their congregations?


How much can he accomplish if he, or who ever runs his HIV prevention ministery, isn't totally informed about the virus. This is a problem that I have with a lot of the HIV programs that are geared to the Black community, most of the people who run them don't seem to be well versed on how the virus is spread or how people can protect themselves. I doubt Rev. Wilson is any different, so how effective can his program be.

a thomas c

doesn't this question somehow imply that HIV/AIDS *is* a "gay disease"? though homophobic, wilson *could possibly* use the money for prevention and treatment of women who contract the disease...i'm just not certain there should be a wholesale condemnation of him receiving funding for his program because HIV/AIDS is not only a disease that affects gay black men...

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