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22 December 2006


C. Baptiste-Williams

lol @ boy crush


Your placement of those two images combined with that headline just made my head explode.

j. brotherlove

Besides being sexy, Taye Diggs has always struck me as being a bit on the prissy side. But I like his sense of humor.

After learning of his boy-crush, I think I can forgive him for Daybreak now.


taye and tyson--well, who would be on top? :)

I like taye..there are times when he irritates the HELL out of me and then there are times when he just brings it.

This is one of those times...I'm digging his candor and honesty. And yes, he and Idina Menzel are apparently DIVAS behind closed doors. but hey, it works for them so more power to them.

Happy Holidays, Y'all!


Something tells me he's pondered that question many times before.


Maybe Taye and his wife should have done the Odd Couple revival on Broadway! And has anyone asked Tyson if the feeling is mutal? I'll start saving up to pay for the tape of that encounter now!


woo hoo! sweet dreams of taye and tyson! happy holidays to all!


Me, I'd do Tyson long before my life depended on it. See, I'd do Tyson because the sun came out, or because it didn't. I'd do Tyson because it snowed in Denver. My threshold is much lower than Taye's. And by the way, I'd do Taye, too.

C. Baptiste-Williams

wow linked to mediatakeout.com.... now all the fake radio entertainment reporters will see u

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