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21 December 2006



This is a sad story, I wonder on what grounds the asylum application was denied. Im curious how many asylum applications have been granted to people from Africa and the Carribean as a result of anti-gay persecution

Doug Cooper-Spencer

Oh my god! Is Europe's dark skinned xenophobia that extreme? What was the reason for denial? Rod, would you do a piece on how active is the United Nation's stance on homophobic oppression? Gays should boycott All nations that impose this type of treatment.


I'm not able to answer the question from DFS about how many gays Africa and the Carribean have benn granted asylum in the UK. But lets us not forget the gays from Iran, Iraq and other countries that have the death penalty for being gay (including the past of Nigeria where the 20 year old comes from.

The answer to Doug's question is that the UK is virtually run these days by Rupert Murdoch's tabloid, The Sun - with help from the the xenophobic/homophobic Dail Mail. Together, these two national "rags" have given "asylum seekers" a bad name and scream that the government should clamp down. Alas, the goverment listens to these and other papers. So what chance does a gay "Johnny Foreigner" have when he seeks sanctury in "not-so-Great" Britain.

Frankly, its things like this deportation that makes me ashamed to be British.


Jesus , I really really pray to God hes okay. But from the sounds of his chances of just surviving are dire. Particularly if the home government is out for his arrest.

This is even worse than the previous post about the country. How could they not have granted him asylum ? And here I have always praised the UK for being immigrant friendly .....for a European nation anyways.


Extremely sad. Shame on the UK.

Can our gay and lesbian Nigerian brothers and sisters provide support to him now he is there?

Mad Professah

Shouldn't there be some condemnation of British officials in this tragedy??

I remember that Sweden used to get into trouble for deporting gay Iranians in the early 1990s.

I believe they were shamed into stopping this practice.


It appears that hatred of gays is on the rise, no doubt due to greater assertiveness in the gay community in their efforts to gain certain freedoms. So what we are seeing, I think is a backlash, a fear response. The more the press for these freedoms the more hostilty will be expressed.


I feel the government make these dicission to be in the ggod books of nigeria because of their vested interest in Oil and trade.
It is outrageous to say that Nigeria is safe for gay people! I lived there for 27 yrs and Its is hell for GAY people.

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