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12 December 2006



I wonder if this campaign will work? Its to the point that I wonder if anyone is even listening to HIV awareness anymore, it seems that get your freak and swirl on is the only thing people think about, just like the days before the onset of the disease. Maybe a total in your face ads might work, like the ones they are showing for meth here, no teeth and scabs and sores all over the face will wake these sex addicts up.


I think its no different from drug abuse or people making food and lifestyle choices that lead to heart disease. JUST SAY NO wasnt enough to prevent all people from experimenting with or using drugs, the fatality rate from heart disease isnt enough to keep people from being overweight and sedentary, and USE A CONDOM EVERY TIME isnt enough to get everybody to stop having condomless sex. We have to understand that human beings are not robots and dont always make choices that make sense and are highly geared towards instant gratification as opposed to long term concerns. And our capacity for denial and self delusion is quite large.

I think we have to be honest, and give people the best information and empower them to make their own choices, which is what they are going to do anyway. The fatalistic, paternal, moralizing approach is apparently not working.


Another fatal combination is when someone mixes Viagra and the recreational drug Poppers. This combination can result in an instant heart attack. No joke! Beware!

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