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22 December 2006



just like with the "archbishops" of the black church in the usa, he is obsessed with gays in society, too bad he can't put some of his energy into fighting the prevasive poverty,disease, poor to no education of children, aids wiping out heterosexauls in africa, abuse of women and all the wars and other negative things that goes on in africa. but, hold on, he is now getting some coins from the "white" churchs here to spew hate, kind of like the socalled preacher here. another scary hypocrite without a clue and a heart if hate. must be related to robert mugabe.


a perfect candidate for the operations of one.org (kind of contrary, no?) similar to the denial of activities in certain communities that create the DL lifestyle....hiding it, hiding it, hiding it -- negative association....yet, kick in the window of running around the topic and being in denial of plenty in the human condition.

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