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27 January 2007



As an Arkansan I was extremely happy when he finally left office. Hopefully America won't make another stupid mistake by electing this hypocrite as a president.

Keith Hardy

Right now the Republican pack is led by moderates Mccain, Giulliani and Romney. If Huckabee steps in, I think he will win the base and consequently the Republican nomination. This is a good thing. Swing voters are conservative-fatigued. There is no doubt in my mind that Clinton, Obama, or Edwards would beat Huckabee easily. Somebody send me a Huckabee bumper sticker!

Chiara Halltari

Dear Governor Huckabee,

I am a High School student from PVMHS, and I've been following your presidential campaign, and I would like to have a poster or sticker from your campaign.


Chiara Halltari


I am a manager in a Hospital. I live for 27 years now in a gay relationship. Who are you mr. Huckabee to denied my rights.
I cannot imaging that a great country as America electing you for president.

S Hill

You are a spoiler and should get out of the race. You'll forever be known as the man who stopped Romney from winning the election. I hope you're happy!

Harold Deonarine

Dear Mike,

Do you know according to the US constitution Senator John McCain in ineligable to be the US President, he was not born in the US, please explore this option, you could, through a technicality be the nominee>

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