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09 January 2007


C. Baptiste-Williams

I have several of his "Ellington Sounds" on my Ipod... will definitely be sure to catch this. Thanks for posting this I would have never caught it.


Okay, you are blowing me away. I never knew that Duke Ellington's had an openl;y gay composing partner in the 1940s and 1950s. That is fabulous! This is why I love Rod 2.0, only here would I learn that!


The reason why his sexuality or who he preferred to be with is not exploded or exploited points to the fact that the man himself would never be appreciated without THAT stigma being foremost and upfront closely examined first from a cruel and heartless (dare I say ignorant) world. Mr. Strayhorn, his memory, his family and we, alas, deserved so much better. Oh well, I guess some history is better than none.


Thanks so much for this news. Strayhorn is definitely one of our most intriguing forebears.


I'm excited that this is going to be aired. I read the book over 10 years ago. I hope everyone will watch. He is an important figure in the world of music and to the same gender loving community.


P.S. He was also Lena Horne's best friend. Just another reason to watch. I hope Rod will remind people a little closer to the date it's scheduled to air. Thanks again Rod. You make my day.

Rod McCullom

I don't think that Billy Strayhorn's memory is being exploited. He lived a brilliant life and was not appreciated in his own lifetime. The documentary is attempting to rectify that.

Charles, I'll remind everyone if you remind me! ;)


Carl Van Vechten was THE photographer of the harlem renaissance. great pictures


I'm very glad to hear about this documentary! Before the "Lush Life" bio, Strayhorn was pretty much only known to (us) hard core Ellington fans. The 'And his Mother Called him Bill' recording is a beautiful tribute to him by the orchestra, and ends with a moving piano solo by Ellington as you hear the band packing up behind him. A great (black gay) American artist.


Actually, there are rumors that Lena Horne was **very** interested in being Mrs. Strayhorn...


You beat me to Strayhorn! The article is good. Just as interesting is that Strayhorn and his partner, African American musician Aaron Bridgers, were accepted as a couple by friends inside and out the business.


Thank you. I wasn't expecting that. A sincere thank you. :-)


Looks like wikipedia has updated their entry. Guess they read your blog....
Thanks for the excellent info.

Doug Cooper-Spencer

I have his biography. Haven't read it yet, but am looking forward to reading it and seeing the documentary. Glad to see more black gay bio's being put to film. Want to see more black gay filmmakers doing the same.

karen newman

How can I purchase this wonderful documentary about one of our heros of all times?

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