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10 January 2007


C. Baptiste-Williams

The results of this study should be very interested but I hope people don't forget about all the other life threatening STDs out there like syphillis.

Greg G

Thanks much for this update. I live in Atlanta and had no idea that there was a study here. But I'm very interested, especially after hearing that gay black men are involved in the research.

You really make my day with this site, every day there is somethinmg new.


Thanks for a heads up on this, I had heard about it a couple of months ago, but, never really read about it.

I have to admit, I doubt if it would stop some of the reckless behaviuor thats out there. Good grief, they can't even get women to take a single pill not to get pregnant, so, how would it help men who the majority of can't seem to even control those urges minute to minute and will hop in the sack with any willing partner, no matter thier status. I think they should be spending money on a cure.


"The black gay community has become complacent about HIV and STDs as a whole."

Truer words have never been spoken. And that is also why this research and sites such as this are so needed and appreciated. Scientists are studying a drug that can possibly prevent HIV and most of the black gay blogs are obsessed with Jennifer Hudson vs Beyonce and Noah's Arc. Give me a break.


Marvin-Lee, Rod has been talking about this pill for months and even earlier this week.

And for the record many women--like white and asian--don't have a problem taking the pill. Statistically, it seems sistahs and latinas seem reluctant, and, also are reluctant to insist their male partners use protection. The same behavior is noticed with black and latin gay men, which is why our HIV rates are much higher. If it's one more tool to help us fight the disease, then fabulous.

Sorry if I seem upset. I'm just over all these people who only can make negative comments. That's why our community is in such bad shape.


Carl, my thoughts were not meant to offend you or anyone else.And, I've only found this board in the last week, so, I was unaware that the thread had been discussed.

However, its the truth from what I've read at least, the people of color will not take a pill, just like they won't use condoms, this is a fact that is evidenced by the rapid rate and spread of HIV and syphilis. And, I wonder if one of the underlying reasons is that many will think that its a ploy to infect them? We all know that black men have been subjected to some pretty nasty medical testing without being told of the consquences.

Sure it seems like a good idea, but, until people who have heard about the spread of sexual diseases wake up and get real about it, the pill will do one thing, lead to more sexual promiscuity and other issues as is also going on within the younger gay white males who think a pill is going to make unsafe sexual acts go away. Until black people take ownership of all the issues that affect the community, we will always be at the bottom of every quality of life issue out there.


Marvin-Lee, my apologies. You make some very good points, especially about ownership. That's one problem we as a people have. I'm sorry that I attacked you.

Henry TW

Marvin-Lee, you only discovered Rod 2.0 this week? Chile, how did you live? It's the new crack, the black gay CNN.


Rod, you're on top of the news that counts! Kudos!

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