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18 January 2007



i doubt if trump is homophobic, but, i sure think he has no interest in anything black, other than a suit. the only color trump knows and loves is green. and, anytime race and sexualtiy is in the mix, the outcome will always go back to race and the fear of the black man secondary, no matter the sexual bent. plus, i didn't know this show was still on!


Good riddance, carey was a bit of an ass, and the shorts are not fashion forward


Not sure if I agree with the first commet from Jared.
"i sure think he has no interest in anything black"
Jared.. Randell a very intelligent brotha from New Jersey won Apprentice 4.
Carey was just unlucky in his dismissal..Nobody went out to bat for him..the key to that show is building alliances


i wasn't aware of that Alex, i don't really follow reality televison, and have never seen the trup one, as most of the time, they peg black men into that corner known as a sterotype. i guess i just have a bad taste about them after those real world shows. so, maybe, i'll have to look at trump with a different view now.


I haven't seen the show yet, but have been reading comments all over the internet about it. Check out the comments over on The Trump Blog

C. Baptiste-Williams

this show still comes on?


Ok, I didn't know anything about this. I think he looks rather good in the shorts. I'd wear them without question if I had the body.


I read the interview on After Elton, and thought he was so eloquent and classy! Plus he's one the few who have not jumped on the Omarosa hate bandwagon, so that gives him major points from me.


Cry Baby!!! You got caught at your own game!! A big black gay BABY!!!! Trump did exactly what he should have done. Got rid of your sorry stinking butt in your little girl bathing suit.Michelle did it!! Michelle did it!!! What a BABY!!!Cry on BABY!!

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