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24 January 2007



Love the CLIK spread, Rod! ALL of the models are fab...and I like the retro glamour of it...

Dreamgirls snub--it sucks, but let's be honest...Jaime and Beyonce's respective performances, though good, were not Oscar worthy.

The Best Actress field is pretty packed with heavyweights Helen Mirren (looks to be a shoo-in to win), Dame Judi Dench, Meryl Streep (she could snatch it at the last moment), Penelope Cruz and Kate Winslet. All are very capable of winning, but I never thought Beyonce's performance was strong enough to end up here.

2006 was a suprising year for actresses--many had roles that are Oscar worthy, and didnt get nominated--with Laura Dern (Inland Empire), Maggie Gylenhaal (Sherrybaby), and Naomi Watts (The Painted Vail) being just a few who should have had a slot here.

For the men, this is SO Forest Whitaker's award to loose...he looks to be a shoo-in. the others are strong, but I think Forest is going home with a statue. Jaime's role seemed quite tame and limited compared to those nominated.

But dreamgirls did get other nominations and Hudson is pretty much a lock for the supporting actress win (though Blanchett (Notes from a Scandal), and Adriana Barraza (noted Mexican actress as one of the two MOST riveting characters in Babel--Amelia. Rinko Kikuchi was Chieko, the deaf mute who goes on a journey of self discovery in the film is the other) are her STIFFEST competition).

So, Dreamgirls has a LOT of be happy about regarding the nominations.


great analysis Ryan

I'd say if Forrest were to be upset, Peter Otoole would be likely...sometimes they like to reward folks who have never won and are getting on in years


True DFS...

but Ryan Gosling ALSO has a very strong change of slipping in as the "dark horse" candidate (just as Streep is the "dark horse" as the icy and cold, yet freaking hee-larious Miranda Priestly) for his very naturalistic, yet gripping role as Dan Dunne in Half Nelson (I saw it TWICE and im planning to get the soundtrack)

So, we'll see...


very impressed with Gosling, even in the rather ordinary Murder by Numbers. Both he and costar Michael Pitt have shown some chops

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