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12 January 2007



This Ford guy is quite handsome and regal to boot, but I didn't realize he voted for an unfavorable constitutional amendment. It's one thing to not be an advocate of same sex marriage (to believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman), but to be anti is dangerous and disrespectful. He's lost my vote.


I am somewhat perplexed by Ford. Honestly, I do not like him. More than his claim that most voters understood his positions were squarely in the mainstream of Tennessee voters and that social issues were used to divert attention from Iraq aren't enough to make me like or ever support him. Each of us carry some personal flaw making us a bit ugly inside. Ford's particular one I cannot get pass regardless of how he presents himself to the media, the public, and so deceptively to the general African American community. Sorry, but physical appearance isn't everything and an attractive face can hide a lot of ugly regardless of voting record.


...Trent, I'm curious...what flaw is it you are specifically speaking of in Ford? Is there something you have against this man's appeareance? Is he not "Black enough" or something? While I'm no ardent supporter or foe of Ford's, it's interesting to try and understand how such things might figure into a canditdate's asset or liabilty...


"Is there something you have against this man's appeareance? Is he not "Black enough" or something?"

I take a certain offense to that comment. One, I am his complexion! To imply that have a problem about him not being "black enough" in appearance or behavior is out of line and far from my reasons for not admiring him. My reasons are my own. It wasn't my intention to influence others opinions of the guy one way or another.

Rod, I am sorry for posting my comment. I didn't mean to be a problem.


For the record...I am not consciously factoring in Ford's handsomeness into my opinion of him (but i won't be irresponsible and say that it is not a factor...no one can say that). I have respect for conservatives, they bring balance to the liberals, but they can be very narrow minded at times. I don't know if it speaks to their capacity for thought or their selfishness, either way it angers me.


...trent...I did not mean to confront you negatively...as I posted earlier, I was just very curious about your assessment of Ford...not because I wanted to attack you for it, but because the election was followed closely nationwide and was fascinating on many levels...of course you don't have to divulge your reasons on why you view Ford as you do...also, I didn't mean to be so presumptuous about what I thought you may have been thinking about Ford...honestly I was just hoping to gain further insight into different peoples perceptions in this particular case...


The DLC was the ruination of the Democratic Party when it first came to prominence in the early ’80s, and it still is. As far as I am concerned, for someone to be connected with the DLC is proof of his political worthlessness.

Until the Democratic Party abandons the DLC (and the huge sums of money its business backers can raise), the only hope for a genuine opposition in the U.S. would have to come from a third party.


The DLC also gave us Bill Clinton, our only Democratic president since Carter, and, almost gave us Al Gore as president.


That’s just what I mean.


Another idealistic "progressive" aka:

"If I can't have a dyed-in-the, big budget, liberal Democrat, I'd rather and suffer and complain under a two-term right president and Republican Congress."


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