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20 January 2007



Hmm, I see that the comments on the Harold Ford op-ed piece below have been taken down....

anyway, Hil is in! had yet another conversation with a brother at a co-worker lunch about how she just cant win. It'll be interesting to see how things play out

greg g

DFS, this post is about Hillary Clinton, whom I think would make a fabulous president and I'm happy that Rod has been supporting her.

But since you went there, I'm actually glad that Rod removed those comments on the other post. This man is writing for CNN, The Advocate and others--using his first and last name, I might add--he hardly needs the approval of anonymous haters on the web. Very few of you ever congratulate the work done here.

Jimmy David

Of course Hillary can win. That's why the Republicans are so scared of her.

If people keep saying "she can't win", it's conditioning folk to beleive she can't.

Henry TW



Amen, Greg.

I wish Hillary all the best in the world. Bill Clinton was fantastic to black people and Hillary will be too.

"Brothers" are a trip--they don't support Barack Obama (at least not on this site), don't support Hillary Clinton, don't support John Edwards, and, most of all, don't support the ONE BLACK GAY BLOG that has been financially supported by OBAMA and JOHN EDWARDS, which shows the candidates are interested in black gay men.

Of course he removed those other comments. Hopefully in the future he will just post links to his work and that's it. The presidential candidates are supporting this site and reaching out to us, and, as usual, as black folks we just want to complain.


Greg G, I realize this is a post about Hilary, which is why I addressed that issue

and I dont appreciate the generalizations, unless you have researched my post history, which you havent. I have on more than one occasion posted compliments about the work that Rod has done on this site and other things.

I think a little bit more thick skin needs to be developed here.


and forgive me, but I thought the purpose of a blog was to encourage discussion, including disagreement, as long as its respectful. Some people have been hateful and spiteful, but I dont think Ive been one of them


oh and I am a HUGE supporter of Hillary and brought up the "she cant win' discussion because its all too common and i get tired of hearing it.

[ED: Great. Then enough of that other drama. ... RM]

Alan T

The Republicans have always hated the Clintons because they are successful and they are Democrats. All that Hillary needs to do is win every state John kerry did plus ONE more. Ansd Kerry hardly ignited passions the way that Hillary does.


As I've said before, I love Hilary, I really do. I was also going to put her in the white house until I learned that Obama might be in the running (which is now official). I'm for Obama all day. I've never been so excited over a candidate. On the other hand, I'm not excited about all these off brand candidates, because they take votes away from the front runners and can skew the outcome of the primaries.


Poor Bill Richardson ... he so does not get the coverage he deserves.


Douglas, I agree wholeheartedly, but, at the same time, I'm glad he is in the mix now as I hold in very high regard. Sorry, but, Hillary and Obama do nothing for me on any level, so, the more variety in this hunt for the White House,the more I'm for it.

j. brotherlove

Wow. This is starting to sound like one of those jokes ("A Black man, Latino man and White woman walk into Congress...")

I can't wait. This is going to be the most interesting presidential race in history.

Playboy Adonis

Yep, every major news source is calling this race historical...already. Did Oprah ever give a final yes or no as to whether she was running?

As much as I want Barak to win, I would like to see the percent increase in write ins for "Mickey Mouse"

Doug Cooper-Spencer

Up to the minute as usual, Rod. Thanks. I wonder about her chances at winning since it has been so easy for the media to paint her with broad negatives. How many people will buy into that image? BTW, do u think there's a chance Al Gore would recommit? I believe he has the best chance of anyone in the party to win. He has a strong support network already in place, great socialpolitical views; he now has the role of 'senior statesman' (a distinguished image), and besides he also has the sympathy vote of those who feel he was wronged.



Barack Obama has referred to himself as Black and African-American. Perhaps your comment is better directed to Sen. Obama. Racist Obama, shame on you :-P Perhaps being black isn't just about having some "black blood", but about a shared cultural experience.


Al Gore? Seriously?! He just strikes me as insincere. no thanks. didn't he do a viagra commercial?

I don't think Oprah would ever run for president, but if she did decide it's a done deal. Oprah is the most powerful person in the world, because she controls the most powerful asset...the white woman (joking! joking! don't shoot).


i'm so confused on who do vote for.. they all seem flavor of the month..

Tapart News Editor

With Hillary running, we need to revisit the Bill Clinton years. Hillary was at his side and influenced presidential decisions more than any other first lady in history.

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Electing Hillary is like putting the fox in charge of the chicken coop. No matter what you think about Congressman Kucinich running for President, he was the only one who contested Free Trade and the War in a strong way.
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