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15 January 2007


Ralph R

This really is incredible. George Bush is just itching for an impeachment.


IMHO, That would not be a shame at all. Why not teach the republicans a lesson for everything they did to Bill Clinton? Bush deserves to be impeached.


"I'm the decision maker and I've decided to send more troops to Iraq" sounds better to me.


Impeachment?? Are you kidding me? This jerk has literally gotten away with murder, theft, terrorism, lies..the list is mindboggling. So, what the hell makes you think that he is going to be impeached NOW? It won't happen. All these fake gangsta rappers need to take lessons from the TRUE gangstas: Bush & Cheney, aka Murder,INK.
P.S. If you need a quick breakdown of this "president"'s record, watch this phenomenal commentary by Keith Olbermann:


Jahleyal Nelson

Such A Dumb Ass. Sorry but clever commentary escapes me in the face of such stupidity.



what is it with the Americans and wanting to pull out when theyve created a great mess. Everyone stood and watched as Iraq got invaded and you didn't stop him then, now that Iraq is in the mother of all messes you want to pull out. Take responsibility for what you've done. Fix your mess.
Case: America intervenes in Afghanistan to oppose Soviet backing. The CIA trains and supplies what becomes the Taleban, then once the Soviets are out, America just pulls out and forgets about Afghanistan. The people get left in the dark. they get resentful.... 9/11

If today America pulls out of Iraq like most liberals want then that leaves an Iraq that is going to be forever bitter that you left it in the mess it is in.

Bush needs more troops because his initial war needed more troops to be successful. If you pull out now, your national security is going to be threatened by a greater threat than saddam. i.e. the probability that a fundamentalist shia faction will take control (Muqtada al-sadr) and you have another more fanatical Iran to deal with.

So really... the man is a fool who always knew he'd need more troops. Now that hes actually doing whats going to be better for Iraq (and America in the long run) everyones crying and taking to the streets.

take responsibility for the mess you have created.

Anti -US

American people always think they are the only one who knows the real democracy.But the funny thing is you are always attacking other countries which don't listen to you.Please don't let me hear you say you are the only country who knows the real value of democracy and freedom.US is the worst and nastiest country that I've ever heard and seen.You should be ashamed and learn something real democracy and freedom from some good countries like Sweden.

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