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15 January 2007



Rod, this is off-topic, but where do you find your photos? That angry John McCain pursing his lips is just classic.


I've been saying it for months McCain is potentially dangerous as President and with the possibilty of picking for VP Guliani if the cards go their way. He's eager to push for war so we run the risk of 16 more years of fighting, and not to mention his social positions. Be forwarned.

Mel Smith

Well, we see who John McCain is. Rudy Giuliani is pro gay rights and he has a better chance than McCain does. I ALWAYS vote democrat, but I just have to wait and see, where Hillary Clinton and the rest of the democrats stand on the issues which most concerns me. I'm a black gay man, who happens to respect Giuliani's gay rights beliefs.


well, as a resident of his "state" it comes as no surprise that he would do what he did. he and the other "senator" have both been exposed in local papers for faux pas when it comes to race issues when they pander for a vote. just shows how they really feel, like bush at bob young university iirc and his comment about mccains "black" daughter, when she is asian. and, if push comes to shove, i would rather see mccain over guilani, his record of disdain of blacks, especailly young black men as mayor of nyc is beyond apalling.


Yeah republicans scare me, and on a superficial I started to like Guiliani and McCain. I agree with sm^'s comments. Just because an organization doesn't contain a certain race or gender doesn't apply a bias. If a book club contains all women it's not considered sexist. I play a sport at any Ivy that is exclusively white (with the exception of myself), not because of racism, but access and culture.


...on the other hand I don't find it forgiveable that he voted to not have MLK day. It's not one of those things where you make a racist remark as a child or try drugs (a la Obama). This was a case of a college educated man making the decision to vote against the recognition of a very key milestone in our nation's history. Not a mistake, he's just become a better politician since then.


and I know black fraternities with white members and white fraternities with black members

Mel Smith

I think we are actually talking about organizations which EXCLUDES groups, based on skin color or whatever. I would NEVER join an organization which deny people the right to become a member, because of their skin color or ethnic identity. To me, it's very tasteless and really scum like. I'm sorry but I do not find any excuses for prejudice; especially in 2007. Jared, I understand your statements about Rudy Giuliani. However, as a gay man, I cannot always identify with the challenges of the black heterosexuals in our community. They also oppress us with their bigotry. Rudy Giuliani has a much better chance than someone like John McCain. Giuliani is a very forward type of individual and he is not afraid to defend his beliefs. Right now, I like Rudy Giuliani. Hillary Clinton's husband, introduced the 'don't ask, don't tell' policy. Well, lets see where she stand on our issues. If the domocrats will not take us seriously, we ought to vote republican!


Mel, you are right, no ones vote should be taken, but, that said, if its between Hillary and Rudy, I for one will skip voting for president and stick with the local issues on a ballot in 2008 as I have issues with both. I think I'm one of the odd ones on this board, as I put my being black before my being gay since the first thing you see is a black man, not a gay one, and its their stand on black issues that make or break a canidate in my book, and both these two leave much to be desired.

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