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11 January 2007



Hillary better run. She's going to be our first female president if I have anything to do with it.


rooting for Hillary here in Australia! I think she will be a fine President.


Hopefully as a country we'll get it right in '08.....with some long range planning on the part of us aligning as Democrats. I think Hillary would be good although will bring out the 'hard right' GOP fanatics to attempt her defeat..... If Barack Obama doesn't run in '08, I hope he does in 2012/beyond, as the USA demographic shift will prove beneficial......


I hate that I have to decide between Hilary and Obama right now. I hope that Obama will forego an announcement and wait until 2016, a long time, but he'll have more credibility then. The problem is it's also a lot of time for him to fuck up credibility, and America may not want another 8 years of democratic execution. I love me some Hil, I think she's a bad bitch, but having Obama as president would be such a powerful statement for this country. Either way, I'm satisfied with putting either one of them in office at the end of the day.


I see my girl Nancy ain't wastin nobodies time...get it girl




That would be fierrce to bring Hillary and Bill Clinton back into the White House. I love her!

Madame President. Alright!

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