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26 January 2007



Interesting stuff from the wonderful world of liars, oops, politicians! I think that it would behoove anyone who votes to check out a candidates total record, and not buy into the party line.

The woman in Alabama? I would not have voted for her, prior to running for office, all she seemed focused on was glbt issues, that's all fine and dandy, but how does that help the district? Rudy? nah, will skip over on him, what else has he done, other than a stand-up John on 9/11, which under the circumstances, many others could have done. McCain, he is my senator, and I have yet to see him accomplish anything other than run for President, and buddy up to Bush and the right. Obama? Just what does he stand for other the "feel good" about life stuff? Hillary, will skip on her, her chances to win IMO, are about as good as mine. Looks like the 2008 election will be one that I will be focused on local issues. And, since I live in a district that is 60% GOP, even then, my vote will mean nothing :(.

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