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11 January 2007


Andy in Seattle

Excellent essay, Rod. I'll keep asking (rhetorically, I guess): what does this President and Vice President have to do to get Congress to impeach them? Dig up corpses on the White House Lawn? Impeachment is built into our Constitutional system of checks and balances for just such a situation like this: when an arrogant administration continues to ignore the will of the people, continues to lie to the people, and loses touch with reality, causing expensive and bloody results.


Didn't the president say, not six months ago, that no mistakes have been made and everything was going according to plan?

My personal opinion? Get the American soldiers out. NOW. We are losing and will continue to lose. The goal should be to protect our borders and intersts at home, to prevent those with deadly intentions from harming American lives on American soil. History has shown us this again and again, starting with Thucydides' account of the Pelopennesian War: you cannot beat an enemy that has nothing to lose. The Taliban and its interests are not afraid of U.S. They are hell-bent on fighting us and because of our involvement in their territories, they are gaining members and strength every day that we are there. Swallow your pride, Mr. President. Admit that this is another Vietnam War. We cannot win. Save lives. Send our men and women HOME.

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