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10 January 2007



"Very! straight! Bow Wow and girlfriend-less Omarion are no longer feuding over "top" billing on the Scream Tour."

Let's say they just flip over it?

Greg G

It's interesting how the White House and Republicans insist upon calling this a "surge" and much of the media falls into place.


Thanks for constantly reminding everyone that this is an escalation. Interesting that this movementy has already began. So much for consulting Congress.

Henry TW

Bush's speech was dry and he seemed nervous.


Why the hell are they sending so many troops over? He's trying to get more troops overseas so he can easily ship them to somalia and etheopia soon.

Re: school lessons...What do they mean? Homosexuality is not a moral issue! I wish I had this is high school. Teaching these kids to grasp who they are sexually will make them better adults. I would like to take the course that teaches people how to come out.

Omarion just turned 22.


O gets better looking with every birthday. The dude is rocking now. So hot.

michael Gibbs

I wanted to no was ya'll gay as in Bowwow and Omarian.Because my brother think that you Omarian is gay, but not you Bowwow.This is oneisha speaking and I don't think ya'll 2 are gay.Besides I like both of you.Michael my brother would like to speak now:Omarian you is gay.Don't pay him no mind okay because you know if you are and not okay did ya'll know that ya'll was sexy that was me oneisha.


i am a man and i'm not a fan but i watched the bet show with booth of them and i can see that bow wow is the aggressor and Omarion is the shorti. I'm not gay but i sawa pic of Omarion and i got to admit that boy shape is crazy damn, But i would never holla or hit it cause that ain't my shyt son i don't go out like that.

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