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08 January 2007


Greg G

Oh I saw this, I thought it was interesting that Rick would take that role, very hot.

Didn't know that a European soccer star had simnilar phgotos and videos. LOL


I haven't seen it but I heard about it. I wish more black actors, especially the athletes and rapper types, would take on more diverse and/or sexually charged roles. Why "act" if you keep taking the same character each time?


Having been a classmate of Rick's, he was always a sweet and unbelievably attractive man. Though even though I'm a big ol mo, how ANYONE could give up being the husband to the living doll Vanessa Williams is beyond belief.

Just Wondering

well I would leave his ass if he was fucking a stripper too but thats just me . . . . . . .*sigh* he IS fine though

Jeff Hobbs

I love Rick I love Vanessa. I was really sad to see that break up. Shit I hope someone gets some steamy sex tapes on him! To die for!:)

Vanessa H

I heard somewhere Rick F, got a little thing for a big ass man. Is it true that the only real correlation is height? You know some people say if a man has big feet, big hands etc., then he for sure has a big one. I personally don't like big ones, only thing they do for me is cause pain. LOL

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