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02 January 2007



My understanding is that the Republican machine has told its minions to start digging into Obama's past for interesting tidbits. Perhaps this is just the warning shot?


I don't think I have a problem with him being a smoker or his history with marajuana. The fact that the GOP is already looking for ways to tarnish his image makes me nervous. I am quite the fanatic over Obama, and it's the first time that I am able to feel towards him what my fellow Caucasian Michiganders must feel towards Ford - a connection. I realize he hasn't even officially announced his run, but he's already the first black president in my mind.

taylor Siluwé

I really don't give a damn if he smokes. Does that make him a bad person? A weak person? The millions of smokers in America should loudly disagree.

After all, its time we had a real person in the White House, one with real human vices and not afraid to cop to them.

Obama all the way!

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