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08 February 2007


Andres Duque


I investigated French language media and found out a bit more about this case. The man set up the blog while visiting relatives in Atlanta in the US and the language used in the death threats was similar to slang used by dancehall reggae singers to encourage the murder of gays:

“Mort au Batty boys, mort sans exception..."

The blog was anonymous and only contained 2 entries and sounds more like posturing than real death threats. A dancehall reggae singer whose artistic name was used by the anonymous blogger has also distanced himself from the comments.

More: http://blabbeando.blogspot.com/2007/02/martinique-blogger-arrested-for-death.html


I think people should not blame gays. But they, in their turn, shouldn't show off not to provoke such a reaction. Live your lives and don't pay attention to others.

Economic and Culture Observer (Lenno Cornish)

I think - he is not right of course. But the problem exists!

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