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21 February 2007



UMMMM...i dont get the big issue with Evan Ross. I mean, his package isn't THAT BIG...

damn im thinking folk are screaming about the Lexington Steele type package...clearly evan has some heft in the front..but it's not that deep.

Lord knows you and I BOTH have seen, know, or have even DATED men who were huge and CLEARLY were the center of attention when wearing speedos...

White folk need to fall back with the censorship....its not that deep!

but the film itself--I needs me some hardbodied, chocolate eye candy after STOMP THE YARD (Brian J. White..OOH, HOW YOU DOIN? ALL RIIIGHT??? he can SO get it, rod! :))

Pride might JUST be the thing I need March 23rd!

Cincinnati NAMjA

can't wait to see this film!


Terrence Howard, definitely yes. But I wanted to see Bernie Mac in his speedos!


I'm sure that if the packages were white, there would be no problem.

Andy in Seattle

Karim's right. This is just another symptom of good ol' America sexpanic over anything black. I recommend "This Film is Not Yet Rated" for anyone who wants to see a documentary showing how crazy (and white and classicist and racist and homophobic) the MPAA board is.


This is laughable. Clearly the MPAA is mostly white with little penises (or married to men with little penises) cause Evan's little bulge is not that deep. And if they ever saw a big bulge, they would know the difference. And WHY were they so focused on it to begin with? Looking at the poster I would never have even noticed it. There is nothing overtly sexual or scandalous about this. And even if his bulge was enormous... if its natural... it is what it is. There are kids on swim teams across america, black, white, hispanic, or whatever, that have BIG DICKS! It is what it is. But you put a bunch of young black men in speedos and they focus on their dicks. uggggh... Its so racist and predictable to me its sickening.


Yes- we don't want little white girls to see how well-endowed black men are!

C. Baptiste-Williams

hmmmm Evan Ross in speedos... i could get into that.


I agree with you guys that there is a problem here, but I believe you are jumping to the most obvious (and wrong) conclusion.

It has nothing to do with race, or have to do with white guys jealous of the package (cuz please, don't embarrass yourselves, we all know there are just as many brothers who got the short end of the stick, and just as many white guys who were blessed.)

Think about this. How many titties do you see in main stream movies? How many dicks do you see in main stream movies?

Has nothing to do with race, but everything to do with a backwards ass 'culture' that 'pimps' out their woman (as objects) but is against letting the same thing be done to men. (And who makes the rules and regulations around here? Men.)


You are right Big Daddy!



The combine is on this weekend. I'll have my eyes filled (and disappointed). But hey, the bods will be lovely


I agree, this has nothing to do with race, and we all need to stop shouting every time something like this comes up. After a while it just starts to sound foolish. Just the same it's not always about a gay issue. This seems to be about the male body, pure and simple. Look at the crazy reaction over Brandon Routh in Superman Returns. He's white and it got the same attention. I agree with the previous poster about the MPAA, they are extremely prudish and sexist about the male body.

Esther Blodgett

If you swim competitively or just to work out, what you wear is a Speedo or similarly cut suit.

If you don't, you cannot be thought a serious swimmer.

American men are such girls.


damnnn evan ross is good lookin man..who cares bout the size of his package!

taylor Siluwé

This is funny to me 'cause I wrote about the boy and never even noticed his package. Now I gotta take a closer look.

But shawty, I agree, he's just damn fuckin cute. I don't care how big his dick is.


Mark Simpson wrote something very funny about 'Speedophobia' for OUT:



if a good looking black man has a big dick, he is fortunate; ladies would buy things for him taking care of him, a gay black man with big one? even better: he does not have to do anything, everyone wants him. it sounds foolish, but true. that is why big-dick black men are spoiled with attitude.


Check out the Polish Cycling Team Bulge.

janice dawson

I do not know why there is a ruckus over this movie and the speedos. I am a white woman who had the pleasure of going to bed with a black/puerto rican professional boxer in Sacramento who had a incredibly HUGE Cock! Not a prosthesis in his speedo.And the prosthesis isn't even big. Get over it, white America. Black men have big cocks.

Darlene Patterson

I know who that boxer is, janice dawson. He gave that thing to me, also. My God, he's awesome! I won't say his full name, but his first name is "Timmy", right? I know that I am. White America, get over it...Black men are incredible!


Referring to the post made by mike.

That must be so uncomfortable to wear such tight shorts. Btw, I'm Polish, too.

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