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16 February 2007



I like Chris Matthews. He needs to keep taking Clinton to task about her less than honest statements and her politically expedient decisions.


wow. chris matthews is liberal, not right leaning. But why bother with facts right?

second, the entire summary of Hillary's vote is almost comical. talk about re-writing history.
Hillary only repeated what she knew when her husband (cinton) was president. amazing, folks want to sya Bush altered intelligence. Clinton came to the same conclusions. Its not like Bush came into office, and suddenly there was a change in intelligence. Hell, Bush even kept clinton's CIA director!
also, senators have access and oversight over intelligence. They can find out info and make an informed decision fo their own.
then to imply since her constituents wanted a vote for the war, Hillary is justified? HUH!
looks like somebody is trying way too hard to defend Hillary. sorry, she is telling flat out lies now.

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