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28 February 2007


greg g

Great story. You're right, if there were more books, movie sand television hows that featured black gay men, so many of us wouldn't have hurt feelings.

All the more reason to hope Noah's Arc is continued in some form and there are other projects!

tyler grey

Wow, Rod. You've become Mr. Talking head now, lol, our own pundit.

Go ahead, boy.

C. Baptiste-Williams

... it is what it is... if it is cancelled o well, won't be the first time one of my shows was cancelled just like Commander in Chief, Geena Davis was doing her thing and had excellent ratings... and it got cancelled.

The only difference this time is I can choose to not have LOGO on my tv, which I did by downgrading my cable since Noah's Arc was the only show on that network I was watching.

brad lindau

Spot-on analysis. Like C. Baptiste said, I see little reason to watch Logo. Thankfully, it is included in my basic cable package.

Andy in Seattle

Agreed--a very good, ungloved but not mean-spirited article. When I read the press release, I too instantly saw it as a pink smokescreen, to offer the movie to placate the passionate fanbase who, if told "we're cancelling your show" would have raised quite a bad-publicity ruckus online. Their movie-instead-of-season-three logic makes no sense, and it'll probably happen when Bill Clinton gets a third term...

Rod McCullom

C'mon, Andy. You know I'm working as hard as I can on that last prediction, lol.


After Elton is becoming much, more diverse. It's a great site.

Andy in Seattle

Well, I didn't say it was IMPOSSIBLE, just unlikely, Rod. :)


Here’s an amusing fantasy:

Logo canceled Noah’s Arc because it just really wasn’t good enough, and they are at this very moment preparing to reveal a better black gay series. Maybe even two or three of them.


Please Jim - BRING THAT A N Y time. Even a Latin series at this point.


LOL at Jim. Don't hold your breath. I heard Logo has 2 new series coming this year- one called X's and O's (an all white lesbian series). Another animated show called RICK AND STEVE (another all white, but it's animated dolls). And I also heard they just ordered 13 episodes of a series version of Del Shores' gay themed film SORDID LIVES (another all white cast)...So, like I said- don't hold your breath for another blk gay series. I think it'll be a long time coming, if ever...

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