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22 February 2007


Andy in Seattle

While I'm happy that new generations are being introduced to Dinah's musical genius, I also wince that yet another great musician's work is being used to hock product. What, was HeartBreak Hotel's royalty too pricey?


I love Dinah and I like staying at Doubletree. Everytime this commercial comes on I just get lifted!


"Dinah's phrasing and diction is almost brilliant." Almost brilliant, Rod? Don't you think Miss D could mop the floor w/ Cassandra Wilson, Natalie Cole, and the other songbirds you've had on here?


Thanks so much for posting this information.
Latin-jazz (e.g., Mambo;Cha-cha) is my favorite genre, mainly the 50's era. I too, was struck by the beauty of that tune. In fact, I wanted a copy to take to the club, because I dance mambo/cha-cha every weekend. Actually, I searched the web for three weeks googling Hilton Hotel. I almost gave up until I realize the ad's logo was
Doubletree. I was, however, right, Doubletree hotel is part of the Hilton chain. You are a great resource.

Jim Toncar

I've never heardthis song before the commercial. I know of Dinah Washington, "What a Difference...", "You've Got What it Takes";but this tune really knocks me out. Gotta get it off ITunes or somewhere and hear the whole thing.

This is one instance a commercial really did wonders for a song!

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