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10 February 2007


Andy in Seattle

Oh, Donna, Oh Oh, Donna, shutthefugup. Nobody serious about politics and the national welfare fashion-analyzes the male candidates, and let us all remember the stupid complaints about Hillary's hairstyle way back when she was First Lady. People are voting for a president, not Best-Dressed American. She could wear Kmart and so long as she gets us out of Iraq and into a decent health care system...

It's trivial crap like this that distracts us from the important issues and allows people like Bush/Cheney/Rumseld/Rove to wreak their havoc.


How very Republican.


i don't have a problem so much with the pant-suits on women,even though i like woemn in dresses, sexist comment from a gay man, i know!! but, hillary like the german woman merkel, they don't seem to wear them well. pelosi looks great in hers, more of a feminine style, whereas the other two look like theirs are off the rack of the men's department, dark colors and blouses just don't work, for me on a woman, too severe and harsh.


It's great to know we're focused on the important things.

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