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01 February 2007



I read this same article but wasn't as offended as you are. It is true. Some quarters of the Black population have no problem with homophobia. Many of our Black hollywood stars have been openly and un-apologetically homophobic (Damon Wayans, Eddie Murphy, Denzel Washington). While it is true that the general population is also quite homophobic, our people need to raise our own standards. I haven't heard one significant concern from Black leaders criticizing Mr. Washington (or Damon Wayans, or Denzel, etc.) for his bigotry. I'm just saying...

C. Baptiste-Williams

Rod I agree with you on this one Shonda Rhimes has done wonders for diversity on TV today.

Henry TW

Pip, I disagree. When someone white says something homophobic or racist, do all white people or "white leaders" or "white actors" have to criticize them?

Isaiah Washington was speaking for himself, not all black men. But I will say Rod has a very good point--why no mass gay outrage at Paris Hilton, who was the grand marshall in the GAY PARADE? Not only was she cuaght on video (again) being racist, but homophopbic.


Why are non blacks not treated as individuals? I totally agree with you Rod, I think we are past the stage of us and we and them. If we cant get beyond that and start treating people like individuals than we cant achieve equality. And why cant Shonda do what she wants she isnt the banner bearer for any group of people besides herself. And for the record she did come out with her opinion on the matter.

And one more rant, by Definition Liberals tolerate many things and are open minded, but why does that never apply to those who dont think like we do?


actually, harris is wrong--there is a gay couple on the show-recurring character the guy who owns the bar that the staffers go to is gay and has an asian american boyfriend as a partner...take that however way you want to...

but is rimes really required to have ALL kinds of diversity? I mean, i think the cast represents MANY hospital staffs...diverse in terms of gender, race, and sexuality (harris should keep watching the show. I have been hearing that a character is supposed to come out as bisexual at the close of this season..and i dont think it's Isaiah's character obviously {or is it? HOW YOU DOIN, BURKE? :)}

So who knows...but harris SO doesnt get points for basically assuming that ALL Black people are homophobic...then again, isn't that typical of many white folks--gay or straight--to loop ALL black folk into one category?

greg g

The point of diversity is that peopel should be treated as individuals. Rod said the earlier this week that he avoided talking about this situation because the powerful gay white lobby wanted to turn this into another 'us vs. them' scenario. What, he doesn't think there was enough outrage? This has made international news and Washington has been ostracized.

Regarding Rod's comment about newsroom diversity, poreach on, brother man. I worked at KGO and KCAL and often was referred to as "you people" or "the blacks", routinely. Those white men and white gay men are still working there, I moved on. I've heard ugly racist remarks directed at me and others in the supposed liberal newsrooms.

Andy in Seattle

If I may say so, Rod, WORD!

Suggestion: perhaps Mr. Harris should have his husband, the very articulate Tony Kushner, proofread his rants before they go to press?


Isaiah Washington doesn't speak for me or black men. His castmates spoke out, so did his bosses and other actors. What, should Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton come out and say he doesn't speak for all men? An intlligent person knows that.

But it is interesting that all the queens who follow Paris Hilton have been so quiet on her latest racism and no homophobia. I guess if it isn't directed at them, they don't care.


It'd be nice if people would judge others by their actions and not by the actions of others. It always surprising me, even though it shouldn't, that so many White gay men and women are so quick to stereotype and lump all Black people together. As Rod said, you'd think that they would be more aware of how wrong it is.


his rant was just that, a silly shrill, rant and obvious cry for attention to keep his new gig with ew, which has had complaints about only having stephen king as the guy who does the last page of the magazine, but, was only interested in straight white guy stuff, so, now a shrill white gay man who knows what all black people feel? i washington does not speak for me, just like jesse jackson or rev al, don't speak for me either, even though i do like rev al.

looks like he along with all the other white men, and a few "color blind" blacks are missing the big picture on this whole debacle, it was a iw screw up, not, black people. its one man who spewed this. sure, lots of black people are homophobic, but, if, we are to take this alleged "writers" point of view, no whites, asians, or hispanics are? its a typical knee jerk response from white gays, "they are all the same." looks like that group of the oppressed minority still is able to deal with the one last vestige of privilege they have, stereotype all black people in a negative light. too bad, i haven't heard glaad come out to "help" the diva, aka paris hilton and her 'slip of the tounge." nah, they won't do that, she is part family, lol!


I have a real problem with Harris trying to dictate what Rhimes should do with HER show or what consequences Isaiah should face to please him. Give me an F-ing break. I just read an article where the president of GLAAD flat out admits they are focusing on Isaiah to push their own agenda. Isaiah's on the #1 show and they want to make sure GLAAD's name is in the spotlight. They are brow beating Isaiah and Grey's Anatomy for their own self promotion. Isaiah met with GLAAD and GLSEN- Gay Lesbian & Straight Education Network. Damn, what else does he have to do...walk on water!

To read article go to:
wctimes.com and type 'Grey' in Search Articles

Where the hell was GLAAD when there were no people of color on Queer As Folk! Mel Gibson has made homophobic comments. I didn't see GLAAD trying to stop his movies or pressuring his studio. No one is excusing homophobia among Black people, but as others have said, homophobia is in every group and Black people are no more biased than anyone else.


Tell Harris to holla at me when he starts writing letters to WHITE executive producers about their lack of gay AND black characters on their shows. Until then, fall back son.


wait. what did paris say (this time)?? i can't find it anywhere on the 'net.


Did you see that Rod gave two links to the Paris Hilton story, he always does?


Those two links point to the same article and that article doesn't say WHAT she said, just that she said something homophobic. Again, can someone tell me what Paris said?

j. brotherlove

"Tell Harris to holla at me when he starts writing letters to WHITE executive producers about their lack of gay AND black characters on their shows."

11, you took the words right out of my mouth!

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