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28 February 2007


Andy in Seattle

Okay, let me get this straight: Falwell and his minions reject empircal data about climate change going back a century, but they unflinchingly believe their thousand-year/several-times retranslated holy texts claiming such things as a man suriving for three days in a "whale's" stomach and the world standing still--and they are manipulating global politics to bring about a fiery (probably nuclear) Armageddon?

These people aren't just fringe Jesus freaks; with presidential candidates still cowtowing to them (see McCain and Romney's recent Road to Damascus moments) these people are very, very dangerous.

C. Baptiste-Williams

Just as I was typing "Who Cares about this quack"... I remembered this fool has thousands on thousands of followers.

How is this redirecting anyone's focus?

Andy in Seattle

Well, my point was that these are supposedly "kingmakers" in the GOP, so if they say "Global Warming is a Myth" then expect the Republicans who say that to get their considerable support. And if the Democrats implode and we end up with four more years of denial...

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