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19 February 2007



Perhaps one small thing we can do here is to boycott Shell. If there’s one thing the political and religious leaders of Nigeria love more than bigotry, it’s money. The only money coming into Nigeria is for oil, and Shell is the biggest player.

After the execution of Ken Saro-Wiwa, we should all be boycotting Shell anyway. But this just gives us more reason.

Here’s a link to a page I found about boycotting Shell (but not for the anti-gay law).


Unfortunately, boycotting Shell won't do much good at all because the vast majority of the oil money is siphoned off by corrupt leaders and multinational conglomerates, who build compounds and hire foreign workers to drill and refine the oil. The Nigerian leaders don't get much at all.

This is what is so sad about all this. The Nigerian people are suffering with a multitude of problems like poverty, tribalism, ethno-religious violence, crime and corruption, and what unites these diverse groups together--anti-LGBT bigotry.

I think a better strategy would be for the UN to withdraw funding and put pressure on Nigeria until they improve the status of LGBT people (and women in general because it is a really patriarchal country too).

This is not to say that Shell shouldn't be boycotted; it should really be boycotted for exploiting Nigeria.

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