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03 February 2007



As the saying goes, "Follow the money."

Where do these schools get the bulk of their funding? The federal government.

Who tells them what to say, do and which organizations to support? You guessed it.


It also should be noted that one of Hampton's more famous alumni is comedian Wanda Sykes. Interesting to note, given her ridculous "gay is the new black" joke.

rob a

Bernie, very good point. The black colleges are operating in a cocoon of intolerance facilitated by a homophobic black church and an indifferent, hostile state and federal government.

jimmy david

My best friend went to Howard. Apparently they are doing somewhat better than other schools such as Morehouse.

HBCUs are a hotbed of homophobia and repressed sexuality.

Just Jared

I am a student at Tuskegee University where we face the same problems of oppression. Our president once at a convocation made it clear that this is place homosexuality is not accepted. To paraphrase, his statement was we support Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. Being that I am a male searching to find myself sexually I took offense. We have a long way to go with homophobia in the black community. You would think that it would be better being that colleges are supposed to be a place with highly educated individuals. This is the stupidity that we have to deal with, which should not be confused with ignorance, because ignorance is the lack of knowledge and the knowledge that we contain now is just ignored and carelessly handled. This stupidity is running rapid and it is at every level, and we have a battle ahead of us.


Hampton have more to do with the fact that its president is a strong arm dictator!


I attended Hampton U last semester. It's ironic how they do not have a Gay-Straight Alliance organization or anything that is dedicated to people in the LGBT community. The irony is that most of the men are DL brothas. The number is more that most people think. However they do have a large number of girls who are gay til graduation or when their parents come to visit. I guess in a way, HU is its on Gay-Straight Alliance but shhh! don't tell.

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