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20 February 2007


Derrick from Philly

Shavlik must be confusing the locker room with the prison cell block. In jail, the brothas will bring it on you, but it won't feel gay, or even nice.


I’m satisfied that Trinity Sports Entertainment terminated Hardaway from both positions; they stated they will do “without his services or any association with him WHATSOEVER.”

But it’s funny how our black hetero community either had a major media black out or were held hostage. Nevertheless, their silence spoke volumes – loud and clear.


So now Hardaway is fired for his remarks? So going forward should the other heterosexuals be fired from their jobs as well who also feel the same way?

Firing him may make gay people feel like the extracted revenge on a man who is opposed to their sexuality but what exactly does this do besides warn others who feel the same way not to speak out. With this mentality we are behaving the same as straight people who do not want to think ther are gay people around them.


Did you have a problem with Rush Limbaugh being fired for his remarks? What about Jimmy the Greek or Al Campanis? People have been getting fired for offensive remarks for years. Suddenly it is wrong for people to get fired for their opinions?


Amaechi seems to forget that HE TOO was in the closet when he was in that locker room. When he writes "and I'm the gay one" I chuckle because some of his teammates were likely thinking the same thing. Perhaps they are still in the league and still in the closet. Perhaps he has nothing on them except that he has sold a book. Whose fault is it that his teammates thought they'd never met one.


If Tim wasn’t so damn arrogant and put some thought into crafting his statement, he would be employed today.

Many folks hate black folks, but they don’t use a microphone and literally state I hate black folks. Hardaway should’ve appealed to the emotions of the masses by using the power of propaganda. The power of vocabulary is important. However, again, Tim WAS an arrogant Negro.

An expensive lesson learned.


I still don't see why this guy is now so loud and vocal about what happened in the locker room, we already know, they are a bunch of jerks, who say the same stuff that the majority of people around the world say about gays. I for one would be far more impressed if he came out when he was playing, the creeping out of the closet with these "facts" now to sell a book on what we already knew is boring.

And, as for the boob Hardaway getting canned, does anyone think this has made him change his hatred of gays to love and tolerance? Only made it worse in him and his fans, many of who bash gays daily in the hoods. Until heteros are educated about gays life and more people come out of the closet in the prime of thier jobs, the rants of bigots like Hardaways will continue.


Not to say that Tim Hardaway's remarks were justified... but the whole nude hidden video of him in the lockerroom might have fueled this whole situation... its even on youtube... lol


funny youtube clip


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