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08 February 2007


Andy in Seattle

Ha! Sure, I can get my news from lots of sources, web and otherwise, but only HERE do I get a quote from Ms. Plath. Brilliant, Rod.

James N

And the piquant quality of placing a Sylvia Plath quote ALONG WITH one by Mistah Chris Matthews... and yeh..he's GIDDY indeed!


Let's understand something. Giuliani has always had a little Fascism (caps intended: "Giuliani" is an Italian last name after all) in him. He was a Fascist when he was a prosecutor in the Southern District of New York, where he preferred to try his cases in the news media instead of the court room. He was notorious for having his white collar indictees arrested in their offices during work hours, with news media cameras in tow, of course. One thing you knew about Giuliania: never get between him and a "news" camera.

The material about Louima and Diallou is well known, and quite regrettable. Rudy set the tone, and that's what the tone led to. Matthews's comment on the "Don I'm An Ass In The Morning" show is stupid as heck, and reflects the fact that he doesn't know that crime was going down everywhere, not just in NYC, and that Rudy and his fascism had nothing to do with it.

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