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19 February 2007


Andy in Seattle

Wow--first Mitt Romney, now Mc Cain--this is the year of the FlipFlop Republicans. Or maybe someone should check under their beds for pods. Who are you, and what have you done with these former "moderate" Republicans?

On a serious note, this is disturbing. Clearly this is happening for a reason--this rightward tilt, especially for front-runner McCain, who is dropping his independent "maverick" views (the ones that gained him all the credibility he had to begin with) for SOME reason--and this would indicated that, in his (and his handlers') judgement, the Religious Right still wields a lot more power than the moderate Rockefeller/Ford wing of the party.


This comes as no surprise to me, anytime the GOP candidates start flocking to South Carolina, and the rest of the Deep South, for the primaries, they all seem to lose what little sense they have. They have to pander to the worst part of that party, the right wing nuts, who are Anti anything that does not look like them or believe in what they believe in.

McCain should be above this sort of stuff, considering he was bashed by good old Bush in the first run he had with slurs and innuendos trying to get to get votes. It will in the end show that McCain is not the "maverick" that he loves to claim he is, just another politician who say or do anything depending on the crowd for a vote.

Jimmy David

"However, the Arizona Republican skipped Saturday's non-binding vote on the troop resolution to prepare right-wing talking points for potential South Carolina voters."


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