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23 February 2007



Poor Hill, she is soooooooooo victimized :-P~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Also given the evidence irregularities, I would not be so dismissive of Peltier's claims. Perhaps if his family was able to make large donations to the Democratic Party and the Clinton Library (which is beautiful), he would be a free man like Marc Rich.

Jimmy David

Oh grow up. No one said she was being victimized. But if Geffen's major complaint against the Clintons is that Bill refused to pardon someone convicted of murdering two federal agents, hmm, maybe that casts events in a new light?


So quick to attack the messenger, just shows the weakness of your argument

Jimmy David

I'm not disputing that a pardon was given to Marc Rich, whose wife later donated a million dolars to the Clinton Library.

Is my argument weak? I'm asking did Geffen say Bill Clinton promised to pardon Peltier? I don't see that in the link. I haven't see that anywhere, actually, and Bill Clinton says he never promised the pardon. Maybe Geffen assumed it, but, it's far easier politically to pardon tax crooks than people who were convicted of murdering federal agents. Because if he had, we'd be discussing that now, how Geffen influenced Clinton to pardon a man who gunned down two FBI agents. That would be the Willie Horton commercial for 2008.

Or maybe we should ask Barack Obama what would he do? Because so far, most of the major media avoids asking him tough questions ...


Marc Rich was more than a "tax crook." He was illegally trading with Iran during the Iranian hostage crisis and he had a special relationship with Khomeini. It seems like he was dangerously flirting with treason.

greg g

LOL @ quoting poll almost two years before election.

Previous polls from a month or two ago showed Hillary beating McCain and Giuliani.

Tony R

So if Geffen's millions influenced Clinton to pardon a man who shot down two FBI agents ... we'd be talking about that now instead of Denise Rich's husband?

BTW, talk to the Republicans and Oliver North about treason and trading with Iran, mm'kay?

Andy in Seattle

First of all: I can't believe that Geffen is that naive about politicians and untruths. He's a Hollywood mogul who rose to the top playing the same poltical popularity games, so I understand the suspicion of his timing here. It could be that he's a hot-head and just mouthed off, or it could be a calculated ploy.

Secondly, Clintons (and nearly everyone else in politics) lies or mangles "the truth", some with more ease and skill than others. The fact that Hillary continues to play word games rather than confronting directly the key issue of the 2008 campaign--her Iraq vote--is as telling about her skills, or lack of them, as a campaigner, as it does about her ambition or integrity.

Bottom line: Gore Vidal has said time and again we have only one party in the United States, and it has two branches. I'm used to being lied to by both sides of the aisle, and I accept the political game as a deeply corrupt--or corruptING--one. But I continue to vote and give money to the side that has a closer set of underlying values and ideas that match my own (nearly always Democrats) and watch the rest of the silly politicircus shenanigans with a jaundiced eye. Anyone who expects a wholesome and "unambitious" person, regardless of gender or race, to seek (and win) the presidency must also believe in Santa Claus.

My only concern from this silly kerfuffle is that it distracts from the real issues, and it empowers those conservative homophobic racists running against Hill and Bama, and that at the end of the election cycle we'll end up with four to eight more years of Very Bad Times.

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