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15 February 2007


j. brotherlove

Wow, I'm impressed by the NBA's actions and how quickly they responded.

BTW, the Miami News clip is on YouTube in case you want to hear Hardaway mumble "homome-phobic".


First Brother Isaiah take the fall, now Tim follows. What is up with this 'trend'?

Andy in Seattle

(Unlacing my Nikes) Lawd, lawd, what do I gotta give up now? (tossing every bag of anything Frito-Lay into the trash) Lawd...

Kevin C

Wow! spoken like a true Klansman. Was he wearing a hood and robe when he uttered this garbage?

Kevin C


Maybe he's still a little bitter about all of those NUDE PICS and VIDEO FOOTAGE of him getting dressed in the locker room that has been in circulation for a few years now. I watched them again last next and I see that his intelligence isn't his only "shortcoming"!


There are several issues the Hardaway story reveals. Issue number one African-Americans can be and are just as bigoted as White Americans. I believe this is human nature. I am amazed that we think we are saints and that only White people are bigoted. Issue two as people pointed out Tim Hardaway obviously has gay issues within himself. Any real man would have no problem with a gay man since he 1-has no feelings for him 2-if the gay man approached him he would knock his gay ass out. Issue 3 is that people can not speak what they really feel and have to be PC. Firing him for his feelings is not going to change his feelings. Firing him will make him angrier as well as though that feel as he does. What the gay agenda needs to be is one of preventing discrimination not rehabbing bigots. Obviously those that feel as he does are prone to discriminate but that should be handled when and if it happens. We are in the same boat on the racial tip now. Someone can say all they want against us but they cannot discriminate.


Hardaway has access to a microphone; he must be terminated immediately, and the sgl/glbt community must apply pressure.

Unfortunatley, there are too many mentally self-oppressed SGL black folks that see absolutely no harm in Hardaway’s remarks; how long will they continue to be beat down.

Now, ask Hardaway, will the real Sissy please stand up?

taylor Siluwé

"Homomo-phobic" LOL!!!

I heard that asshole when he said it. On top of all the other things pointed out here, this goes to show that a man's height and athletic ability has nothing to do with his BALLS.

Admitting you're a homophobe, and bragging about it -- is just a pussy way to snatch man points.

I hope his illiterate ass gets everything thats coming to him. Maybe Amaechi will knock on his door and say, "Whatchu say, bitch?!"


"Issue 3 is that people can not speak what they really feel and have to be PC"

This one always kills me. People can speak what they feel, he did. What people can't expect is that everybody is going to respond positively to what you have to say.

The whole anti-PC thing has become its own PC.


The whole "He has his right to his opinion, free speech" thing kills me because IMO he is saying things that many in our community believe. When the whole Michael Richards thing came up, I didn't hear people in our community saying "he has the right to say what he wants" Both comments were filled with hate, but IMO Tim Hardaway is getting a pass from many in our - the black community because they share his sentiments


Sometimes it's good to know upfront who's not in your corner. Judging Hardaway would be stating the obvious. I'm glad I know how he feels. Imagine how many other public figures out there feel the same way. That's the scary part.


If 25-year-old white people are, on average, less racist than 55-year-old white people, who are, on average, less racist than 85-year-old white people, it is because, since 1970, people have been taught increasingly that to be racist is unacceptable. You may deride the concept of PC, but it has its positive effect. Why else do you think the right wing hates it so intensely?

The Hardaway affair is not an issue of “rehabbing bigots.” That is probably not possible. It is an issue of stating what is unacceptable and why. That statement has an effect, not on the current Hardaways of the world, but on those whose sensibilities have yet to be formed.


there are bigots and progressives, but most people are neither. most people SAY, DO, and even BELIEVE what they should to get along with the crowd and avoid a confrontation. so it's important that people like tim hardaway don't set the tone for "the crowd."

one can dismiss being P.C. if one wishes, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that the more free we become to define ourselves as we see fit, the more it will be necessary for codes of conduct, etiquette and diplomacy, befitting a more puralistic society. that's where people try to agree, and if they don't, they agree to disagree. since people can't UNgay themselves, the illogical alternative tim hardaway is advocating is hate, war, genocide, cleansing.

it encourages me that 60% of those polled on AOL say it shouldn't matter if an NBA player is gay. that's a good start. it's now up to "the crowd" to speak, and by that, i don't just mean gay people. the NBA, sponsors, networks, gays, straights, etc... need to keep stressing that behavior like tim hardaway's is unacceptable. and most people will simply go along and avoid a confrontation.


I like Gene's column:


"NBA commissioner David Stern immediately rendered Hardaway persona non baller by banning him from any league-related appearances. But the more appropriate action might have been to let Hardaway make those appearances and deal with the backlash in person. Or better yet, have him attempt to articulate the reasons for his hatred. I mean, if we're going to have a dialogue, then let's have a dialogue."

Put Tim and John on Oprah and let them talk it out. Maybe we can change Tim's mind about gay people. Maybe we can change others minds who think like Tim.
Even if we cant, we should put forth the effort and try.


The NBA has a right to its views and Tim a right to his... It seems to me he gets reprimanded for expressing his, but who reprimands them for theirs... Homosexuality is wrong... Lesbianism is wrong... So is alot of other things that are wrong... Stealing, lying, taking advantage of others, exploitation of someone elses weakness, abortion, adultery, divorces, and more that the NBA players participates in that the "commissioner" doesn't reprimand them for, So why Tim? and Why is this so important to him that he has to remove him from the allstar weekend spotlight he earned and sacrificed for? He spoke personally not as a NBA spokesman... and he is right... However its the act that should be hated, not the person committing it...


People forgot who Tim Hardaway was until he made these comments. Now instead of getting paid this weekend, he'll be paying for his comments. Which, by the way, were his right to make.


Nobody stopped Tim from saying what he felt, so that opinion doesn't make sense. Expressing a differing opinion or outrage at Hardaway's remarks, isn't the same as stopping him from expressing how he feels.

As others have said, change isn't going to occur if we ignore hateful comments like Hardaway's.


Well I am now seeing that America should not be called land of the free, if he feels it why cant he say it, what is so wrong with telling people how they feel, i dont have a personal problem with gays, but people are different. I think that you people need to understand that.

Hateful comment please, woman have to deal with negative comments everyday but for some reason, it looks as if you people hold Gay's on a high calibur for some strange reason, i seriously dont understand this.

It is wrong do you people get that!!!!!!!!!1


In the US we have a right to speak our opinions, be they twisted, bigoted, and flat out disgusting as Hardaway's.

But what many people forget is that these rights do not make you immune from criticism and any penalties you might receive from a PRIVATE entity (unless the NBA has suddenly become owned by the government without anyone's knowledge).


Shirleen, he said what he wanted to say. Nobody stopped him. Did you see people go beat him up when he stated his opinion? Did you hear the radio show host hang-up on him? Has anyone called for him to be jailed for his opinion? The answer to all of those questions is no.

Just as he had the right to give his opinion, others have the right to express how they feel. If you don't want to hear others opinions then don't exress yours. It's that simple.


I think Tim had a right to say what he felt, and he should not have to be penalized for his beliefs. True, there are many sins, but homosexuality is only moral sin with a promise to it. I do not dislike the gay community, but like Tim I'd rather not affiliate myself nor my children around that kind of behavior. Ask God to forgive and deliver you from this sin.Please.


okay so why are you on a site for gay people. i think michell and a few others are what they call trolls. paid or otherwise right wingers finding places to spread their manure but pretending they are just open. and if you are really worried about your children, why don't you take care of them rather than wasting time posting on a gay site.


I guess that will learn him...lol.. these guys have to watch what the say in public or there money will be cut short...;)
Gay people still have a long way to go....


Michelle, the homosexual dollar, power, influence, and politic are ENORMOUS; therefore, the strongest black entity would falter in battle. Your black church and its saints try, but just can’t defeat it.

So, reference Hardaway, it’s best to remember mama’s words: if ya can’t say nothing nice – don’t say nothing at all.

PS: This Sunday, look around church – you’re surrounded by homosexuals and homosexual behavior.

Tell your pastor I said Hi!


Making Tim attend the event wouldn't have been problematic. I'm being stereotypical but I doubt he would have gotten a lot of slack in Vegas this weekend.

Tim is a dumbass. His wife should beat him down for messing with her money like that.

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