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21 February 2007



Jersey means business, but I still want marriage dammit!


People think that NY is a safe haven for alternative lifestyles, but when you have people being murdered, and religious leaders here fighting to post billboards to condemn homosexuality, its clear that NY same gender loving people are just as vulnerable to society at large as everywhere else.

Andy in Seattle

Though it's a bit like allowing "colored only" water fountains in separate-but-equal accomodations, it is a step in the right direction. And once the majority gets used to seeing gays and lesbians coupling up and civilization doesn't fall apart, our fully-realized rights will come without the semantic games...

Albert Liu

Rod, thanks for posting results from our survey on your site! (I’m the lead researcher from this study.) While taking tenofovir for prevention isn’t currently recommended, there are current studies in the US (San Francisco, Boston, and Atlanta) testing the safety of daily tenofovir in HIV-negative gay and bisexual men. If safe, future studies will test whether this approach could help prevent men from becoming infected with HIV. You can find more information about these studies at www.projectt-sf.org.

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