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23 February 2007



"Interesting that Divins rationalizes Chad's deception as merely a sex addiction—which is more or less exactly the type of stereotypical characterization of black men (or black gay men) that we need to be moving away from."

Right on.


What's up Rod. Holla sometime.
I don't know jack about "Passions," but that picture of Jay-Z on the right gives me a jolt everytime I check you out. Scary! lol

Mordecai Jonez

I watch Passions on the regular and was happy that they portayed the the lesbian story so eloquently. With the DL story it his every stereotype known for the reason why a man would cheat on his wife with another man. Especially when Chad said he didn't believe in love between same-sex couples because he's being in love with his lover would mean the he's gay and he's not gay he just likes to have sex with him. I was like damn the denial to the fullest. I remember when I thought like that.


Two of the things that I hate about the whole dl debate. One is the idea that dl equals gay, or that all gay men sleep with women, or lie about who they are. The other is the idea that being gay is only about sex. That two men can't be together because they are truly in love or attracted to one another.

I'm not surprised that Passions would take this route. While the diversity of the cast is wonderful, the writing has always been horrible.


There is an interview with Charles Divins in the new issue of Soap Opera Weekly and he states of Chad: "let's get real. he's on the down low: he's gay"

As far as his earlier comments about sexual addiction, he was speaking of how Chad views the affair. Chad is clearly in denial about his sexuality.

He also expressed in the article his concerns with how the show was going to handle the storyline.

Give the guy a break.


Hate for this to be but as fine as Chad is yes he's gay. Even he don't wanna face it so how sad is that?

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