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06 February 2007


greg g

Will the conservative GOP base hold his record against him? Not sure on that one.


It would be a stretch for the Republican party top nominate a candidate who is not pro-life, anti-gay or pro-gun. Can he do it? Possibly.

Andy in Seattle

Giuliani on a GOP ticket? Not unless the Rapture happened and evacuated from the party all of these pesky queer-hating racist Xtian Funda-mental cases. They have too much power over the party.

But I welcome his presence if only to create dialog and force the other candidates to voice their actual feelings on issues of race, class, gender, orientation as well as TaxCut/TaxCut/WarWarWar on Terror.


One is presuming Rudy won't change his stances to appeal to the right wingnuts. If he runs, I want to start a group, "New Yorkers Against Giuliani." The rest of the country needs to know what a real son of a bitch he is.


Bernie, trust me when I say that the rest of the country already knows that Giuliani is an overhyped Republican talking head. I live on the west coast and I've never really gotten what was so heroic about Giuliani's actions on 9-11. So enlighten me. In all actuality, I think that Giuliani has begun to believe the hype and thinks that he's a saint of mythic proportions to the entire US as well as NY. I don't think so.


CaliCat, it's not about him being an overhyped Republican talking head. It's about how during his mayoral administration, the incidents of police brutality against Black and Latin New Yorkers was at an all-time high, and the mayor routinely defended their actions. Abner Louima and Amadou Diallo occurred on his watch and he publicly supported and defender the police actions at every opportunity.

Rudy may be more "liberal" than the other Republican wackos across the country, but he's just as oppressive and discriminatory.


thanks Bernie, you summed up my disdain for him quite well. all this "praise" without knowing just who is really is somewhat disconcerting to say the least, when all you have to do is see his record with blacks while mayor of nyc. he may be openminded with gay issues, but, still has major issues with blacks, and black men in particular.

Mel Smith

Jared, do you know how most black heterosexual males feel about you? See, I'm a black 26-year-old male, and I know how most of them feel about me. Therefore, sometimes I get really tired of speaking for them. Brothers, lets stop always speaking out for people who sh!t on us, because most black heterosexual males treat us worse than dirt. Giuliani supports our natural sexual orientation and that's more important to me, then worrying about most prejudice black heterosexual males. Although, I like Giuliani gay rights beliefs, I will likely end up voting for a democrat because they support most of my beliefs. Although, I really like Giuliani


Mr. Smith, while we can probably have a day's long discussion about homophobia in the black community, I think the discussion here is about Giuliani. I would like to know where he stands when it comes to the on-going wars in the Middle East, stem-cell research, HIV funding, education, immigration and, in particular, his political record when it comes to civil rights and equality as well as his views on gay rights. (And to be fair to heterosexual black males, white heterosexual males aren't all that gay friendly either. Remember Matthew Shepard and Michael Sandy?)


Hey mel smith, i'm well aware of how black folks have a general disdain for homosexuals, but, in the case of who i'm voting for president or any other office, i don't care how blacks feel on the issue of sexuality, whites or anyone else, since they don't make decisions that affect my life, employment, health care and taxes. i've got two strikes against me already, black and gay, in the good old usa, so, in voting, i have to look at the big picture. bush has staked the supreme court with right wing nuts who will have a impact on the lives of blacks, gay and straight for the next 25 years, and not in the good way. i think that rudy g. is over hyped more than anything else. sure, he did a great job on 9/11, but, then again, just about anyone else would have as well.

i for one just wish john edwards could pull off a win, even though i know that isn't going to happen :(


Three things about Giuliani. Abner Louima. Amadou Diallo. And Bernie Keric. What more need be said?

As far as I'm concerned, Giuliani made his name being a "crusading" prosecutor in NYC before he became mayor. That means that he was a grandstanding prosecutor, always making sure that he would get his face in the TV cameras when he would arrest high-profile people that he would get indicted. One didn't get between Giuliani and a TV camera. But beware of grandstanding prosecutors, and be very afraid of them.

Mel Smith

Oh, I know about white heterosexual males and I have already spoke about them. Trust me, I don't need an education on them. However, you guys should know that I will focus on the people who live in my neighborhood or the folks who live in my hood because they live in our communities and they are our family members. Yes, we have two strikes against us; skin color and sexual orientation. Now, do the heterosexual brothers really give a damn about your two strikes? I will likely vote democrat but I'm tired of siding with people who don't give a damn about me, and most black heterosexual males don't give a damn about my two strikes. You guys don't realize that most of them hate you just for your sexual orientation and they don't give a damn if you look like them? You guys go so hard to speak up for people who do not want to even be in the same room with you. We can debate this topic all day, but I'm just being honest with you guys. No, I will not vote for Giuliani but I do respect the fact that he is cool with homosexual people.

Mel Smith

Also, Giuliani and black males goes together; blacks were killed by police during his administration. That's why I spoke about how hypocritical black heterosexual males are. Trust me, I dislike 'uncle tom' blacks and a lot of heterosexual(and gay) black males are uncle toms, especially at my graduate school.

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