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28 February 2007


Andy in Seattle

Wow, negotiations, diplomacy, treating other countries like they are worthy of high-functioning interaction instead of putting them on childish name-calling lists. What a concept.

Stephen Fox

Much of this perhaps new interest in Diplomacy and what it might accomplish derives from Gov. Bill Richardson's efforts and from his impressive international resume, breathing a breath of fresh air into this very stale dialogue and modus operandi among the DC kleptoplutocrats, since perhaps even they have wearied of Bush's B.S. and Foreign Policies run by Halliburton.

Read Richardson's recent op/ed in the Washington post on the general subject of how Diplomacy actually works, an especially valuable concept after America's reputation and credibility being trashed by this cadre of Halliburtons running the White House.

It will take an internationally minded and experienced Democrat to rebuild the USA's fractured image internationally, and Bill Richardson has more international experience than Hillary and Obama put together.

Stephen Fox

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