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23 February 2007


Andy in Seattle

First of all, like we did with rehabilitating the word "queer" and completely changed the meaning of "santorum" (Google it to see what I mean), I hereby suggest we turn this one around and adopt the term "hate bone" and make it mean something... else.

Secondly, perhaps it's not a bad thing we keep giving this fool the mike. It has inspired an interesting conversation, one that may illuminate many allies we didn't know we had (witness the spate of Man Kisses by big NBA stars recently), as well as asking people to take sides on the issue--which requires some thought on their part.

Dare I use the term "Teaching Moment," but this might be a hidden blessing for sports, for gay rights, and for progress and maturity.

Bernard Tarver

Shana Naomi Krochmal has merely said what I've been saying (and have written) for some time now.

The power for change lies not with the players but with the owners. They control who gets a pro sports contract and who will be on their teams, not the players. When owners say openly gay players will be accepted here, then it will happen and any player who disagrees will find himself an ex-player.


JJ, I don't think we should ignore these type of comments, because change can only happen by addressing the situation. If we act like saying these types of things isn't wrong, then we give the message to young GLBT/SGL people that who they are is wrong, and that they can look forward to a future of people bashing them for who they are.


While I don't agree with anything Hardaway said or will say in the future, I do agree with one thing he said, I too would cross the street from the "circuit" boyz.


Why did Hardaway's hateful words mean so much? Here's exhibit A:


...........and sadly, the assailant was a young black male.


The house that Hardaway built is falling, and a testament to all who possess the microphone. Bashing just ain’t cool!

The latest Hardaway news flash: TMZ.com is reporting that former NBA All-Star Tim Hardaway is now being sued for more than $750,000 for skipping out on his mortgage, as well as rent payments on a car wash that used to bear his name.

Mel Smith

Serpentine, thanks for sharing that story. Do you guys realize a 72-year-old black gay man was attacked with a pipe in Detroit? The man is now paralized. See, we honestly need a gay MOB! One witness described the suspect as a black male in his 20's. He ask the gentlemen was he gay and the man walked away from him. A person that age would attack a senior citizen?

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