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03 March 2007


Samuel I

Ann Coulter is a racist, hate mongering bitch. She needs to be shut down.

rob a

people try to pretend that Ann is irrelevant but she's just irreverent. That doesn't make her any less dangerous.



Have you seen the video yet of John Amaechi, as an HRC spokesman, denouncing Coulter’s words? Excellent.


It used to be funny when she was pie'd. No, it seems like Coulter is getting off too easy.


Now she has apologized but not really. She says that she wouldn't insult gays by including John Edwards with us. Ann Coulter never saw a camera she didn't love.

Andy in Seattle

Does she deserve to be called to account for her rants? Sure, and God bless Amaechi for his response.

Should she be silenced? No--for two reasons:

1) if one truly believes in free speech and expression, that means even stupid mean-spirited and ugly comments are allowed--and responded to swiftly and directly with articulate class and clarity and wit (and not counter-name-calling), because...

2) it turns a vicious outburst on the Right into a victory for the Left, and shows that the "faggots" are the rational ones, not the discriminatory dolts. Allowing her and her ilk to give voice to their ugly rhetoric unmasks the myth of "compassionate conservatism" and reveals the enemies of equal rights and diversity to be the mean-spirited ignorant folk they are, and unworthy of being in power.

What is more dangerous is silence, which as Rod points out often happens when the Mainstream Media finds itself forced to confront a subject that makes news editors (so often older straight white men) uncomfortable.

But when we respond, it is important we do so with the objective in mind--to open people's minds, to reveal the hatred behind our enemies' rhetoric, and to gain political support (and hence win).

So go ahead, Ann, if you want to keep making your little "fag" remarks and be a sort of George Wallace in heels, and we'll respond and make you look like the fool you are. Progress--and forward movement--is with our side right now, and your frightenend little jackboot-rally speech won't stop that political inertia. It only makes us look classier.

Hot Club Head

Why do the lyrics to an old house music classic keep running through my head... Beat that bitch with a bat, Beat that bitch with a bat, Beat that bitch with a bat.

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