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19 March 2007



Paces comments are immoral. Why does he hate America?

Andy in Seattle

While free speech allows everyone--even generals--to say stupid things and think stupid thoughts. It's discriminatory policies based on ignorance that matters. Forget an apology, what we need is a reappraisal of the efficacy of a policy excluding gay men and lesbians who are otherwise capable and eager to serve their country during a time of war.

Of course there currently seems to be a hypocritical lull in enforcement--if queers are so "damaging to unit cohesion," one would think during war it would be even MORE crucial to get them out of dangerous military situations.

Pace can say he believes the color orange is immoral for all I care, apology shmology. But what he said--comparing homosexual acts to adultery and other items covered in the military code of conduct--sets himself up. I say fine, General Pace, you can drum queers out of the service so long as you apply your strict "moral" code equally, and start hunting down all those promiscuous straights doing heterosexual acts outside of the "sanctity" of holy marriage, using foul language, using the Lord's name in vain and other foul language, all in the interests of having a Moral Military. Then we'll see how many soldiers you have left for your occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan and your future invasion of Iran. All in the nature of your honorable quest for Democracy...

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