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07 March 2007



Ahh. I heard about this film and that Evan was co-starring. Did not know that he was playing a gay character. And it sounds like this role is exactly what he needs to prove himself as an "actor."

rob a

Evan should be commended for taking this role. We often want to say the hip-hop generation is homophobic or what have you, this type of role could make his career.


Those Ross kids are no joke... Loving the blog also...

j. brotherlove

I've meant to write about Life Support as well. Thanks for posting this, Rod.

This is another example of how HBO takes risks with their programming and nails it.

I'm excited about the project and will probably host a screening party.

C. Baptiste-Williams

I had heard of the movie and already set the DVR but I didn't know Evan Ross was in it....

Didn't Diana recently say something about her kids are giving her new life.

It is good to see showbiz kids with actual talent.


His mama has acted her ass off as drug addicts and crazy folks, so he got it honest. good for him


Great point @ DFS.

Diana was at her best in "Lady Sings the Blues" and her MFTVM about schizophrenia. And as always, Rod is on top of his game. (heehee) I've seen this movie mentioned on just a few blogs and no mention of Evan. Didn't even know that he was playing gay. More power to him.


I saw "Life Support" last week On Demand, the hype is very justified. I for one am starved for these type of black gay dramatic portrayals, not necessarly blankly "positive", but authentic and in conversation with our often complex realities.


This young man is really got a great future acting. He was really good in ATL and he's in the new swimming movie Pride. And it's good to see Latifah get a role she can sink her teeth in. And I've been reading Nelson George's stuff for years, so I'm really looking forward to this.


i love this movie it is a good movie and evan ross is relly really hot!!!!!!!!!!!! in thus movie he is sexy. i love this movie.

love Brittany


i think evan ross is fantastic and soooooooooo so so sexy and all da haters need 2 stop haten and judge-ing my husband love you evan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

tanara kelley



evan you is so sexy and i want to kiss your pink sexy lips so bad


evan ross is so hott
i bet he looks great in this movie
not great but HOTT!!
evan is just an amazing actor
he can blend his acting skills in any movie
whether its being gay, swimmer, or anything else
when he has a movie coming out i just get so excited because hes such an amazing actor
i am so appalled at his acting


evan im not going to be all ilove you on the internet(even though i do) because i am a classy lady
i am your #1 fan (and when i say that i do mean it) i saw you on bet 2007 awards and you looked so good/sexy and you rmother look really good for her age!! anyway if you read this comment email me if you get the chance!!
Peace out cutie!!♥

Danielle (the real Mrs. Evan Ross)

ay, yall need to stop hatin and yall need to stop wishin that evan was yours cuz we all know that he is all mine, but this movie was good and i gotta gives some props to Queen LaTifha(however u spell it) And just 4 the record, i hope yall know Evan is probaly not reading these. but i am his wifey!!! 4real doe!!! ♥


Dear Evan, I am crying right now because how cute u r. I wish u could be mine. This is the 4th time I've send u anything. e-mail me at btac96@comcast.net. And my number is 707-342-2394. Im your #1 fan I really am. No one can top how much i love u exsept your family. I'm not a stalker so i dont care who u date. I'm such a sweetheart and know u r too. Every time I get on the computer and look up your name I listen to Woman's Worth the song that was in Life Support after u died when they were lifting up the balloons. That's when I get really emontional. I'm only 11 so It's weird crushing on a future 19 year old. I'm not a getto trashy girl I'm a proper black young girl. I really do like u. I'm not like every one else. I'm diffrent. I think about u every day all day. My parents dont know about how i really feel because i like to hold back my feelings. If u call me one time i will go to sleep every nite with a smile on my face. I'm a cool person to hang out with. I love your mom and your sister traci. I know you probily dont care about what a silly 11 year old has to say but i just want to tell u i love u. Sorry this message was so long. I just really feel for u. Anyway love ya bye.


To Evan,
ever since i watched ATL you were the only person i could talk about all day long ill think about you talk about you listen to your voice on ATL website look at your pictures and makes songs about you i like you so much that if i was in ATL doing that movie with you all well be doing is just kissing all the way through i loved your looks your smile your voice and especially the faces you made i like you so much that if only we can turn back time and we were both 15 you still had your good likes and your great style you had in ATL people may say your ugly your gay but deap done i no and you no you aint those things i wished i could be your girlfriend even your wife in real life when you had those sexy fitures like you had in ATL i got pictures everywere, on my phone my ipod laptop posters any more i think your the most best looking boy ive ever seen. i would loved to of meet you when you was 12 13 14 15 cause if i didnt i dont no what ill do not seeing you people may say they love you and stuff but no one and i mean no one loves you more than what i do im your number 1 fan so please make me be the hapiest girl ever and email me each day at cez_baby@hotmail.com and we can talk all day long my dream is to one day wake up and find out that me and you are married and thats the truth. When you kissing that bitch in ATL and did it with her and called all these girls sexy and fine well you havent even seen me ma ass is big and im fine just like you and im a cutie with a bootie and i know how to work my way on the dance floor ill be perfect for you but if only right now your were 15 how you was in ATL MA MOVIE you and T.I are the sexyiest boys on earth and thats the truth T.I shouldnt of kissing that girl lauren london he should have kissed me and so should of you coz i love you both and tell T.I that to. the the one thing i love about you if your big juicy lipz your nose and those gorgous eyes i would kill my self to have a man like you xx one day we will meet each other and get married and have kids like i always dreamed off and any girl you call cute is really ment for me from your heart xxxxxx love you baby evan. and you know 1 thing i also love about you is when you you do that thing with your nose you did it all the time in ATL and you even did it in T.Is song (what you know about that) i love it. i felt so sorry for you when you got shot and beaten up it ATL i was so up set to see you get heart doing things like trying to be a huseler and selling weed is so bad theres always other ways to make money but ever teenage boy does that and haveing sex and young age and good either but if you were my boyfriend i wouldnt let you be a huseler coz i wouldnt want you getting your self in trouble or getting locked up in jail for doing stupid things and even getting your self killed even though your a good person doing stipid things and i wouldnt last 1 minute with you gone i love you my baby xx my name is cezanne but im A.K.A PLAYBOY PRINCESS LADY TWEETY OR CEZ BABY OK EMAIL ME AS SOON AS YOU GET THIS OK BABY LOVE YOU AND TELL T.I that is well and that i love him also i wanna love you but i dont wanna coz i already do and i wanna fuck you clean baby only if you had the good looks like you had in ATL and your buff style rember email me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and rember is well tell T.I to also email me to


also evan my number is 07807893767 so ring me any time and tell T.I that is well love you both sooo much and email me your number coz ill love to talk to you ok xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love playboy princess always rember me coz ill always rember you as my baby or my man

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