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08 March 2007


Andy in Seattle

Good to see the Coultergeist is being cast out. She'll continue to thrive on her website and keep writing her books and get hooted and applauded by her brownshirt ilk, but these newspapers and advertisers have at least learned to unhitch their wagons from her little parade of bigoted hate and disrespect.


Its about time someone hit her where it counts, in her pocketbook, she is just a hot mess, and needs a man, preferably a black one just for fun to get rid of her angst and that huge Adams apple. I also read that the site had a spot from the United Negro College fund? Now talk about a odd mix! But, the Repugnant's got a chuckle at her "joke" just like most of them do at pictures or stories of lynching's, they are just so filled with hate and rage its scary and its time to call out the "sponsors" of their vitriol of gay bashing and racist tactics to lure the mindless voters to the polls.

Doug Cooper-Spencer

Well, it looks like the conservative movement is imploding. Good. And about Townhall. I hadn't heard of it until recently when the 'aborted' governor elect of Ohio, Ken Blackwell, signed on as a commentator after his disastrous defeat. I'll keep my ears and eyes open for postings on him and Townhall in the future on your site.

Rod McCullom

The previous comment was deleted because that person is, simply put, argumentative and trollish. Disagreement is fine, but personal attacks are unnecessary. If you dislike this site so much, stop visiting and leaving bitchy comments overnight.

There is no "right" to comment here or at any other blog. Especially by anonymous, wanna-be cyber thugs. Get your own blog.

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