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19 March 2007


taylor Siluwé

Its a new day. Anyone could have done it. Obama will benefit though, as will other lower Dem candidates.

I just can't believe how many of us are actually considering voting for Hillary. Yeah, it'll be like having Bill back, but we've been there done that. I'd be much happier with Obama.

Andy in Seattle

While this is a clever ad, I really wished we could get this internal squabbling of a primary season out of the way so that rather than watching Democrats poke fun at, squabble, and tear at each other, and instead unify together on a platform and focus all the energy (and money) against the current administration and all its current apologists and cheerleaders.

Where does it say a convention has to happen only months before an election? If there's a rule, change it. Why not hold a nationwide Primary Day in all 50 states in early November of THIS year, crown a Presidential and Vice Presidential candidate nearly a YEAR before the Republicans, and spend twelve months exposing the lies, presenting alternatives to failed policies, and demonstrating that the Democrats can do more than just complain or obstruct, and can actually govern, balance budgets, create National Health Care, improve education, focus the so-called "war on terror" on the criminals behind 9-11 instead of invading oil-rich countries, and overall just present themselves as the safest and best choice to hand power to in 2008?

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