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09 March 2007


greg g

Oversexed and hypocritical Newt Gingrich wants to run for president? I don't think so ...

Andy in Seattle

That ilk is rife with hypocrites--right down to rabidly anti-gay Phyllis Schafly of the "Concerned Women of America" having a gay son. Focus on the Family indeed. And let's not mention the fact that Gingrich served divorce papers to his wife while she was suffering from cancer. I suppose if we want a ruthless president with no scruples, he'd be the one.

C. Baptiste-Williams

I love it when their own hypocritical views come back and bite them in the ass

A. Ronald

Such a freakin' hypocrite. And he makes this confession to Focus on the Family. Pathetic.

Rod McCullom

The previous comment was deleted because that person is, simply put, argumentative and trollish. Disagreement is fine, but personal attacks are unnecessary. If you dislike this site so much, stop visiting and leaving bitchy comments overnight.

There is no "right" to comment here or at any other blog. Especially by anonymous, wanna-be cyber thugs. Get your own blog.

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