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02 March 2007



WHY is this blog so political now??
What happened to all the fun content
like the stories about up and coming hotties... the Kairon John's and such. Could SOMEONE direct me to a blog like that?!

greg g

Probably because the religious conservatives have declared war on gay people. That's a little more important than "up and coming hotties."

The "fun stuff" is still here, it's just not the entire blog. But you shouldn't have any problem finding blogs like that, there are hundreds of them. Maybe that's why this one stands out, because its mixes "fun" with the "heavy."


Oh poor baby. "CoCo" is upset because most of the black gay blogs bite this one and have no idea how to find ideas on their own.

Yeah, "CoCo", it's just STUPID that Rod is calling attention to an anti-gay politician trying to cut deals with evangelicals to take our rights away.

Zoe Wills

WHY don't you create your own vapid blog devoted to janet jackson gossip and up and coming hotties. Lord knows we need another black gay blog focusing on gossip and shirtless men.

CoCo's comment demonstrates his/her/its intelligence. The reason why this blog became so popular and is mentioned everywhere is because it combines the fun and the serious. We can see Djimon Hounsou and Noah's Arc and learn about gays in Africa and politics here at home.

A. Ronald

CA, you make a good point. This blog has evolved. It used to have all the latest hotties and DL films and movies. It's moved beyond that and attracted international and national attention. I think its hot that Rod can talk about Kairon John or Mitt Romney. Most people. Obviously, some people want more fluff in their life. More power to them.

Andy in Seattle

Complaining about a lack of hotties on this site (which there is no shortage of--see Djimon only a few entries ago) in the Bush Jr era is a bit like calling for more tap-dancing at the Cabaret while the jack-booted Nazi thugs are amassing outside the club.

There are plenty of sexy-boys-only blogs out there (and I'm sure CoCo is savvy enough to find 'em), and I appreciate the occasional meaty morsel that Rod gives us. I also appreciate his global news and events coverage, givin us meat, potatoes, wine and dessert.

We love ya, Rod.


I must admit that some months ago I was also a little upset because there was less fluff and more serious news. But I admire Rod's versatility (!!) and the fact that this is the one blog everyone is talking about, from in the clubs to in The Advocate. In many ways it's much like Barack Obama, transcending race and sexuality.

Speaking of our next and first black president, the first time I heard Barack Obama's name was on this blog in late 2005. And the first time anyone talked about him running for president, at least in the blogosphere, was Rod back in April or May or 2006. Go check the "Barack Obama" category.

I love this site because Rod would rather spot trends than follow them. He introduced me to Barack Obama, Noah's Arc, On the Low, TJ Holmes and now this Mitt Romney character. And now all the big white gay media--everyone from the Southern Voice to After Elton, Logo and the Advocate--come here to get their news. Flame away, bitches. Leave me and my blog boyfriend alone.


yes keep up the good work Rod! nice to be able to alk about something besides hot men and Dreamgirls with other black gay men (not that i dont love those things too!)


Unbelievable. Black gay men always complain that our culture is not deep, or we only want to talk about divas or sex, and someone named "CoCo" says just the opposite.

The funny part is that person thought she was being witty.

Rod McCullom

Andy, that's a wonderful analogy, hopefully you don't mind if I use that in the future.

People come to this site for different reasons. Some like the news, some like the pop culture, some just want to see a shirtless man. But, as DFS said, it really isn't that hard to find a black gay blog that specializes in Dreamgirls, gossip and hot boy pictures.

Just as an aside, I don't take much stock in comments from IP addresses, locations, or screen names that consistently post negative messages. I'm assuming they are just flames trying to starting an argument, someone trying to bait me, or, just unhappy people. But thanks for the kind words.


Ann Coulter is calling PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES a FAGGOT on national television. And you wonder why we need to be reminded what is at stake?


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