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10 March 2007


greg g

What a man, what a man, what a man.


Geez, you almost never see an American man wearing such a teensy swimsuit ...

Zoe Wills

Les masculines des nubians tres magnifique!


Not again. These men get more and more mouth-watering by the day. Does France have gay marriage?


Lawd, lawd have mercy.


I'll take a double helping.


I always come here Friday night to catch up on what I missed this week. And some things are worth waiting for.

Erich H

This is a free download?

tyler grey

Yes "Baby Boy" is a free download, it is a beautiful magazine. I love their models, so sexy and the photography is top notch.


To "R"" No, gay marriage is next door in Spain. But I'll take this man across the border, good gawd.

Franklyn Smith

Slightly off-topic, but the men here are always stunning. It's nice to have a little dessert with the main menu.


The "eye candy" here is stunning but predicatble. Exotic muscle boys or dark muscular athletes. Rarely do you see more average types.

For the most part, this is a very enjoyable blog, but it is somewhat highbrow, a polished circuit boy's take on black gay culture--very mainstream with black influences. Thierry Mugler? Gays and security clearances? Gays in Nigeria? Black LGBT politicians in San Francisco?

Samuel I

So you'd rather see another black gay blog devoted to all things Beyonce, American Idol and the down-low? I like the emphasis on the upmarket and feel very comfortable here. And lord knows, it must have been hella difficult for a black gay blog to get ads from the New York Times, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Key West, Florida, among others.

I'd rather read about black gays news from all around the world, hot French black gay fashion and the news from Washington than that other drivel. But then, you could probably accuse me of being a circuit boy, too. ;)


Oh my. This blog is too bourgeois for some people? So they're assuming all black gay men are like Lil Bit in James Earl Hardy's novel? Or Alex on Noah's Arc? LOL.

This is definitely a trendy, high-end site. And I feel very comfortable here. But for the record, I've seen all types of men featured on this site. Maybe not "average" or "regular" ... trying to get the point of that? Don't we see enough of that everywhere else?

Oliver W

That man is gorgeous, no arguments from me. Some people are never happy.

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