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10 March 2007


Samuel I

Those so-called Christians are a joke. They're only concerned with conception to delivery. Once you're born, you can be sick, disased, poor, homeless, doesn't matter.


If Albert Mohler, the Baptist, says that abortion is murder—and I’m sure he does—and if he says that a gay fetus should be aborted—and he seems to say so here—then he is plainly saying that between murder and being gay, being gay is the greater evil.

This needs to be recognized for what it is: the current American equivalent of the Nazi demonization of Jews. This man would have us slaughtered.

Can things get bad enough here that he could convince enough Americans that we are a suitable scapegoat and need to be exterminated?

Erich H

Eddie Murphy not gay? LMAO

tyler grey

Mohler is proposing a socvially engineered ghenetic Darwinism that is Goebbels and Eichmann would be proud of.


If they admit that there is a biological marker that influences homosexuality, wouldn't that be God's will? Why would they propose hormones to change God's will? To an unborn child? How ridiculous.


This whole thing kind of reminds me of the Mormons with how they feel about blacks, the "mark of Cain is black skin," so, it makes them inferior and they have to suffer on earth for his sin, well, at least until 1978. These "Christians" are so disturbed with the Bible that if there is a hell, they all have reservations.

Samuel I

jake, good comparison to the mormons and mark of cain. didn't even think about that one.


I hope Captain America is not dead. With abs and a package like that, it would be a shame not to have him on our side!

patrick s

The right-wing evangelicals are lawser-focused on life from conception to birth. How can they advocate hormonal treatments to reverse homosexuality but disagree with stem cell research?


So, let me get this straight. There’s only ONE reason in the entire world that it is NOT ok to kill a pre-born child? As the pro-aborts are fond of saying regularly “Who are YOU to decide for ANY woman what to do with her body?” But, it’s ok to kill a pre-born child because he or she will grow up poor or fatherless or adopted or with a mental or physical disability?

I am laughing my butt off at some of the comments from “pro-choice” people who are also “pro-gay”. Some of them are verbatim from pro-life organization sites. They fail to see the irony in their "suddenly offended" objections. The horror of the gay community is understandable, yet the pro-aborts have consistently discounted the same objections to abortion that disability advocate groups have had for decades. NO ONE has the right to decide whether a life is worthy of being lived…except God.

Quite a dilemma, no? The hypocrisy is overwhelming yet predictable, and I’m watching closely to see how the pro-aborts handle this one.

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